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Chickens Come Home To Roost To Muslim/Jewish Dismay

The decision by the European Union to allow pig remains to be used to fed poltry has sparked an uproar of anger among Jewish and Muslim citizens of the EU. Both religious and animal rights activists argue the change would place families at risk, offend religious sensibilities, and lead to a major consumer backlash. There are 25 million Muslims in Europe as well as a few milion Jews. Some agricultual experts believe consumers would be upset that animal remains are being used to feed the chickens they are eating. Dr. Abdel Majid-Katne, of the Islamic medication Association, termed the proposal, “a sinful idea.” On the other hand, Philip Comer of DNV Consulting, argued: “The by-products of salughter are a very valuable source of protein. We should not be wasting it.”

The principle that making money takes precedent over the values of consumers is a rather dubious feeling that must have some limits of good taste. In essence, the change makes it difficult for Muslims and Jews living in the European Union to eat a chicken. Is the price of anger worth the saving of money?