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Blame It On The Pigs In Egypt

The swine flu epidemic has swept the world, but only one nation has decided to wipe out its entire pig population and that is the Muslim nation of Egypt. Of course, killing pigs has nothing to do with eliminating the threat of flu, but, what the heck, the only people in Egypt who are into pigs are the minority Christian population and tourists. Health authorities have made clear killing pigs will not deal with curtailing flu outbreaks but the government is going right ahead with its plans to cull the pig population. As the Minister of Agriculture made clear, “the government’s decision to get rid of all pigs is irreversible.”

Naturally, many pig owners resisted attempts to take away the pigs. Oh well, Egypt has large scale unemployment, its economy does not meet the needs of the population, but at least it has ended the danger of pigs seizing control and making pork the most desirable meal. What would happen if sheep were the animal to be feared, would the government kill off all sheep?