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US Imposes Sanctions On Iran-They Ship To Iraq

The American government believes if you do not like a nation the best way to make them sorry for their behavior is to impose sanctions that, theoretically, will compel them to accept American ideas. A visit to Iraq, the nation that was “liberated” from the rule of Saddam Hussein is now crowded with goods from Iran . Branches of Iranian banks blacklisted by the US government, now operate openly in Baghdad and other cities. Shelves in merchant stores are filled with products imported from Iran-containers of honey, cosmetics and toothpaste and a new best seller is a shampoo from across the border. The Iraq government is signing billion dollar deals with its fellow Shiite friends in Tehran. Perhaps, if American officials actually read history they would know that many Iraq Shiite leaders spent years in Iran to escape Saddam. As the US seeks to isolate Iran, the object of their fury is isolating American companies from the Iraq market.

Iran remains a major source of tourists and pilgrims headed to see religious sites in Iraq and thus bring millions of dollars into the hands of Iraq merchants and religious leaders. One doubts if any Americans are interested in a visit to Iraq. Iraq is now open to all Iranians. Pay attention, President Obama, your sanction program will NOT work.