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Iran And Turkey: Friends Or Enemies?

Relations beten Turkey and Iran have not been particulalry close over the past few decades even though both nations possess among the most powerful military forces in the Middle East. However, their joint concern over Kurdish rebels may well be a sparkplug which brings them even closer together. Last week, they signed a memorandum of understanding, “the increase in some terrorist movments in the region damages both countries and the most inflluential way to battle this outlaw problem is the exchange of intelligence and security coopertion.” In other words, Kurd rebels on the border Iran and the border of Turkey bring together two reluctant friends.

Turkey has already made cross the border excursions into Iraq and there are reports Iran has shelled Kurdish rebels in northeast Iraq. Iran complains Kurdish members of th Party For Free Life in Kurdistan(PJAK) are supplied by US intelligence even while America is supporting Turkish attacks against the outlawed Kurdish Workers’ Party(PKK). It appears the presence of the same enemy between Iran and Turkey might eventually result in much closer military cooperation. How will the United States respond to such close ties?