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CIA Charged With Lying About Plane Crash

An internal investigation uncovered information suggesting the CIA engaged in a cover-up to hide negligence in the downing in Peru of a private aircraft suspected of carrying illegal narcotics. The CIA report said the agency had lied to Congress and withheld information concerning the investigation. Apparently, the CIA shot down the plane which was carrying missionaries and then covered up the attack. A Peruvian plane acting in coordination with the CIA shot down the plane and killed Veronica Bowers and her infant girl. Peter Hoekstra, a Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee said “to say these deaths did not have to happen is more than an understatement.”

The problem when such stories are revealed is it furthers belief in conspiracies on the part of government which many on the Internet never ceases. Perhaps, it is being overly optimistic to hope the CIA is NOT ALWAYS involved in secret actions that are denied to ever have happened.