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Is Anyone In Charge Of Iran Who Knows Anything?

Initially, the Iranian government charged American “warplanes” had crossed into its air space and had then been forced to land in their country. Iranian news sources claimed five senior US military officials had been questioned and then released after it became clear the plane had not intentionally entered their air space. But, the US Pentagon insisted none of its planes had been over Iran and none had been forced to land. In a scene worthy of an old Marx Brothers film, Iranian State TV said it was not a military plane, but it had Americans on it. Later, the Iranians reported there were no Americans on the plane and it was Hungarian, not American!

The Iranians are upset at attempts to curtail their nuclear program and demand the right to do as they wish without interference from outside sources. It becomes increasingly clear there must be division among high level Iranians as to the best manner in which to proceed on the nuclear issue. Most probably, the world will have to wait for a new American president to take office before there is any progress. In the meantime, we should send Marx Brothers films to Iran.