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Price Of A Tight Ass– Death!

Solange Magnano, former Ms. Argentina, was concerned about her posterior which she considered a bit too flabby and certainly not tight enough for a woman who was proud of her beauty. She simply could not go through another day with a not so firm butt, and decided to seek aid from a plastic surgeon who insisted a little tuck here or there would restore her ass to its former height of beauty. Roberto Piazza, a fashion designer and close friend of Magnano, sadly commented, “this woman who had everything is dead because she wanted to have a slightly firmer ass.” The beauty died under the knife at a plastic surgery center in Buenos Aires. Unfortunately, in seeking to make a derriere firmer, the beautiful woman died of complications arising from the procedure.

The quest for beauty is among the most important aspects of the human condition. Just about every society has a definition of beauty and women, more than men, will do anything to please men in their quest to be upheld as paragons of beauty. I once interviewed a dozen Playboy Bunnies, and each one was convinced she really wasn’t “very beautiful” and referred to another Bunny as really beautiful. Beautiful women are never satisfied with what they possess and believe they can always be more beautiful. In pursuit of the dream of beauty, they invariabily destroy their bodies and their lives.

Ah, it is so nice being ordinary looking.