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McCain And Palin Bemoan Alleged Media Bias

Senator John McCain, appearing on Larry King, expressed his anger at the media for failing to cast a critical eye on Barack Obama as it did on Sarah Palin. In the meantime, Sarah Palin blasted the Los Angeles Times for refusing to release a video tape made of a 2003 party for Palestinian-American Professor Rashid Khalidi where remarks were made that were negative about Israel. The Times said it had discussed the entire episode in April, but had promised the person who gave them the tape that it would not be broadcast. McCain and Palin claimed Khalidi was a former spokesperson for the Palestine Liberation Organization and a noted critic of Israel policy in the Middle East. He currently teaches in the Middle East Studies program at Columbia University. Both Obama and Kahlidi have previously stated, that while friends, they disagreed on policy toward Israel.

Palin ranted on about “Israel was described there as the perpetrator of terrorism rather than the victim. What we don’t know is how Barack Obama responded to these slurs on a country that he professes to support.” She demanded the Los Angeles Times make the video public.

As a supporter of Israel, I frequently denounce the current government for its foolish policies. For years I have argued the West Bank must be restored to Palestinians, and now Prime Minister Olmert has adopted a similar position. Does Palin consider Olmert to be an enemy of Israel? Anyone who cares about Israel must make clear disagreements with Israeli policies that violate human rights. Israel is the only real democracy in the region which makes it even more important that it should respect the rights of Palestinians. Sorry, Governor Palin, if you love Israel then you speak in negative terms about the nation you love if their policies are incorrect.

By the way, Governor Palin, how come the media has given your husband the silent treatment about his associations with a party that wants to secede from America? Oh, care to talk about the “fairness” of Fox News?