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Mugabe Cries Plot-What Else Can He Claim?

Shortly after Adolf Hitler seized power he made up a phony story that communists were trying to set fire to parliament and used that excuse to arrest thousands of opponents. Robert Mugabe, the erratic leader of Zimbabwe is claiming there is a plot by former colonial powers to assassinate the leaders of his country as a prelude to invading and restoring control by colonialists. The air force chief, Perrance Shiri was shot in the arm as part of the alleged plan to get rid of Mugabe and his coterie of thugs and criminals who now run Zimbabwe. According to the government run, Herald newspaper, “the attack on Air Marshall Shiri appears to be a build up of terror attacks targeting high-profile persons, government officials, government establishments and public transportation systems.” There are reports of bomb exploding at a police station.

The entire charade is simply a ploy to divert attention from the fact cholera deaths have now passed 1,000 even though Mugabe last week insisted there was no cholera in his country and it was a myth created by former colonial powers. Of course, Botswana and Kenya have been leading the fight to get rid of Mugabe–undoubtedly examples of “former colonial powers.” Unfortunately, South Africa has blocked efforts to take action against the criminals who run Zimbabwe.