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Pakistan Disputes Center Around Musharraf Judges

President Musharraf arranged for the return of Benzair Bhutto as well as that of Nawaz Sharif with the understanding both would be allowed to participate in the political arena despite the fact both had been convicted of prior crimes against the state. Sharif is leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-N and placed his name in nomination to run for a seat in parliament but the court which was appointed by President Musharaff turned down the request on grounds he had a prior conviction. This has aroused the fury of both the PML-N and the governing Pakistan People’s Party which regard the court decision as invalid.

Pakistan can ill afford a constitutional crisis at this moment in its existence. Hopefully, calm voices will find a way for Nawaz to engage in politics without the need for street demonstrations and threats. It is time for Musharraf to display leadership by urging the courts to change their decision.

Musharaf Says I’m President And Bush Supports Him

The tangled web that is Pakistan still remains caught in confusion regarding its leadership at a time when there is considerable unrest in the border region with Afghanistan. President Musharraf made it known that he was not stepping down as president of Pakistan despite efforts by groups like the Pakistan Muslim League-N which wants him out. Musharraf defied Pakistan’s parliament to take action against him by invoking the impeachment clause of the constitution. In Washington, President Bush made it clear that Musharraf remans the official head of Pakistan and that he alone will be recognized as being the president of the nation.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Donald Camp told reporters the Bush administration is concerned about the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan and would like American forces to take a more active role in training Pakistan soldiers to fight in this region.

The Pakistan Peoples Party led by Zardari, is trying its best to avoid a constitutional crisis that would arise if Musharraf was impeached. However, the PML-N is placing great pressure on the current Pakistan government to move against Musharraf. In the meantime, confusion rages in the northwest area of the nation.

Pakistan Turmoil Over Judges Upsets Unity

President Musharraf last fall removed several judges from the Pakistan Supreme Court because they opposed his attempts to gain complete power. The judges were replaced by another set of judges who were sympathetic to the demands of the president. The Pakistan Muslim League-N- headed by Nawaz Sharif has taken up the fight to restore to power the judges who were sacked and being unable to get their ideas accepted by the current government led by the Pakistan People’s Party, they have resigned their posts. Nawaz said he had joined the coalition government on condition the judges would be restored. PPP co-chair, Asif Zardari, wants to move slowly on this issue. He fears trying to restore the judges would result in the current Pakistan Supreme Court declaring such an action to be illegal and creating a constitutional crisis.

This entire mess was created by President Musharraf’s original illegal action. Nawaz may well be playing to the court of public opinion by casting himself as a noble person who is fighting against the forces of evil. In a sense, he has transformed the PPP from a party opposing Musharraf into one that is supporting him. it is a rather clever ploy, but it runs the risk of creating turmoil at a time when Pakistan needs calm heads in order to deal with a host of problems including dealing with militants in northeast regions of the country.

Pakistan Coalition Leader On “War On Terror”

Nawaz Sharif, head of the Pakistan Muslim League-N, a key person in the new coalition Cabinet, told John Negroponte, US Deputy Secretary of State, there was need for a complete review of how the “war on terror” should be conducted in his nation. He pointed out the situation has changed from one in which President Musharraf made unilaterial decisons because now a representative government is in place. He told the American his nation wants peace, but in achieving that goal, we do not seek to “turn our country into a murder house.”

There are reports many members of the coalition government want to initiate peace discussions with militants in the northwest region of their nation who presently are engaged in extensive fighting with government forces. If the new government enters into such discussions for a cease fire it might upset American forces in Afghanistan which seek to have the right of pursuing Taliban and al-Qaeda forces which freqeuntly obtain refuge in the northwest area.

Pakistan Prime Minister Wants Judges Released

Newly elected Pakistan Prime Minister Youseaf Reza Gillani, who obtained the largest ever vote for leadership in Pakistan history, demanded the immediate release of judges who were imprisoned by President Musharraf last fall when he initiated martial law. “I order the release (of the) detained judges of the higher judiciary” and these words were greeted amid thunderous applause and a standing ovation from the National Assembly. He also wanted to pass a unamimous resolution from the Lower House of Parliament that would seek a United Nation’s investigation into the death of Benazir Bhutto and another resolution of apology for her murder. Although some judges have been releasd by Musharraf, others, including the chief justice, have not.

Nisar Ali Khan, parliament leader of the coalition partner, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, urged Gillani to make changes in foreign policy. “We hope the Pakistan People’s Party led coalition government would make an independent and soveriegn foreign policy.” He undoubtedly expressed the view of many members of parliament that Pakistan must shift from a reliance only on military action in northwest regions to one of diplomacy regardless of whether the United States approves such a policy.

Musharraf–You Must Go, Demand New Pakistan Leaders

Pakistan People’s Party(PPP) co-chairman, Asif Zadari, and Nawaz Sharif, chief of the Pakistan Muslim League-N, demanded that President Musharraf step down after their resounding victory in Pakistan’s election. Nawaz commented: “Musharraf had said he would quit when the people told him so. The people have now given their verdict,” depart the stage of leadership is their message. Zadari promised the issue of Musharraf’s resignation would be presented to the new Parliament in order to seek action on this demand. The PPP gained the largest vote total, but Zardari insisted his party would cooperate with other political leaders to form a broad coalition which will institute changes. “We will work with all democratic forces, all those who secured victory.”

The new coalitioin will demand restoration of judges who were sacked by President Musharraf and release of any lawyers imprisoned by the government. Zardarti said he wanted a UN led investigation into the murder of his wife, Benazir Bhutto. There are 35 seats in Parliament still to be decided, 29 are to be filled by women and 9 by non-Muslims. After those are determined, the PPP should have about 88 seats in Parliament.

Musharraf Party Loses In Pakistan Election

Results from the voting in Pakistan reveal widespread lack of enthusiasm for President Musharraf since his political party, PML-Q suffered a severe defeat. The Pkistan People’s Party of Benazir Bhutto led all parties having captured at least 88 seats in the National Assembly while the Pakistan Muslim League-Mawaz which has been working with the PPP came in second with 65 seats. There are 269 seats in the National Assembly with 26 still to be determined. Pesident Musharraf has promised to cooperate with any party that gains triumph in the election. “I will say from my side, whichever politcal party will win,…. I will give them full cooperation at president.” There were reports in several areas of the nation, particularly where Pushtuns live, that many women were barred from voting on grounds to do so violates their religion.

It is apparent there was a lower estimate of people voting than expected which may be due to fears of violence if they went to a polling place. As the results come in, the evidence is overwhelming that Musharraf has lost. The question now to be faced by Pakistan is whether the PPP and the PML-N will cooperate to take action that might result in the ouster of Musharraf as president. If they take such action, what will happen?