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Poland, Russia, USA, And Missile Defense Systems

The Polish government is engaged in a flurry of activity to cover all bases regarding the proposed installation on their territory of missiles by the United States government. Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski rushed to Moscow to reassure the Russians not to worry about having missiles a few hundred miles away. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov assured him that Russia had no veto right over what Poland desired for its protection. Sikorski then turned his attention to negotiations with the United States over the missiles. The Polish government wants money and military equipment from the United States in order to modernize its air force and get some nice missiles of its own. In fact, Poland is so pleased to receive US military assistance, it even has agreed to increase the size of the Polish contingent in Iraq.

Lost in this running back and forth to secure agreements on missiles in Poland is the question as to why the missiles are needed in the first place. Poland wants its own missiles, why? Is another nation threatening Poland? Which missiles from which country will the new installation shoot down? Nations are prepared to spend billions on missiles and military equipment when they have no one to fight. Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend that money on issues of poverty, health care or education?