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Russia Rewrites History Of WWII

Modern Russia has long since distanced itself from its Communist past, but when it comes to issues of the military and wars, there still is a commitment to prove neighboring nations caused problems for the innocent Communist leaders. An article that appeared on the web site of the Defense Ministry claims that Poland is responsible for the outbreak of World War II because it forced Hitler to invade it. Prior to the German invasion, Hitler demanded that Poland turn over to him the major port of Danzig, and allow construction of a railroad and highway through Poland in order to link up with East Germany. “One can hardly call the first two demands ungrounded” wrote the Russian military writer.

Of course, what the author did not wish to discuss is the secret agreement made by Hitler with Communist dictator Joseph Stalin that, in effect, divided Poland between Russia and Germany. After Hitler invaded Poland, the Russian army moved in and took possession of eastern Poland. The article no doubt fits into Prime Minister Putin’s desire to review what is printed in Russian textbooks and eliminate any “anti-Russian” comments.

Then again, all Hitler wanted was the western part of the Soviet Union so he could get access to food and oil supplies. “Germany’s demands were pretty modest…”

Further Dismantling Of Bush Foreign Policy Madness!

Among the great blunders of Bush’s foreign policy was creating problems where none existed. His decision to construct missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic in order to deal with missiles from “North Korea and Iran” made absolutely no sense. Why would North Korea or Iran fire missiles at Europe knowing full well, the UK and France possessed atomic bombs” In fact, what would ever lead Iran to attack the entire European Union. In response to signs from the Obama administration the entire matter of missile bases in eastern Europe was being reviewed and, most probably, will be ended, the Russian government announced it was suspending plans to place missiles near the border of Poland. A Russian official commented: “These plans have been suspended because the new US administration is not pushing ahead with the plans to deploy the US missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic.”

This “problem” is one created by Bush and it revealed his inability to understand how Russians think after being invaded twice in the 20th century and losing nearly 40 million people. Perhaps, if Bush spent less time gazing into the soul of Putin and more reading a few history books he never would have made this idiotic plan.

Will Obama Halt Missile System In Poland?

George Bush has done more to create problems with Russia than any other world leader. He insisted on constructing anti-missile bases in Poland despite offers from Russia to cooperate and have them constructed on their land. Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher on a visit to the Czech Republic indicated Obama might not go ahead with the proposed bases. “I am unwilling,” she said, “to dig holes in Poland and fill them up with untested rockers.” The economic crisis now impacting the United States might also be a factor in delaying such bases.

There is no rational reason to build anti-missile bases in Poland despite Bush claims it would prevent “rogue nations” from attacking Europe. Obviously, he referred to Iran and North Korea. There is no reason why Iran would attack Europe knowing full well it would result in the destruction of its nation. It is clear Bush envisioned Russia as the “rogue nation.” There is no reason why Russia would attack Europe.

Sarkozy Puts Thumbs Down On Bush Missile Plan

President Bush has insisted for over a year there is need for a missile defense system in Poland to protect Europe against missiles from “rogue” nations like Iran or North Korea. Of course, North Korea is presently cooperating with the world on its nuclear development and Iran, as of this date, has no missiles, and certainly no plans to send any to Europe. President Nicolas Sarkozy, at a meeting with President Medvedev who is upset at missiles being stationed on his border, told the Russian leader of his misgivings about the missile system. “Deployment of a missile defense system would bring nothing to security… it would complicate things and would make them move backward.” His remarks came after a week in which Medvedev warned about the possibility of deploying Russian missiles to the border of Poland.

Sarkozy is the current president of the European Union and is concerned that Bush plans only would result in furthering hostility in Europe. “We could continue between Europe and Russia to threaten each other with shields, with missiles, with navies. It would do Russia no good, Georgia no good, and Europe no good.”

Hopefully, newly elected president Obama will sit down with Sarkozy and get his take on the situation rather than listening to the crazy ideas of George Bush.

US Furious At Russian Missiles But Calm About Ours

Five years ago, President Bush informed the United States and the world that Saddam Hussein had WMD which would be fired at the West. He used the argument America must shoot first to protect itself against an alleged attack. Today, George Bush insists Iran has missiles that it wants to fire at Europe which necessitates placing missile bases on the border of Russia to protect Europe against an attack that is not planned and never will occur. Russia, in retaliation, has deployed its missiles near Kaliningrad which has upset Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. He termed the action “provocative” and insisted the only threat facing Europe was from missiles originating in Iran. Gates and Bush and the entire Republican crowd believe there is a threat from “rogue states” like Iran which may one day obtain nuclear weapons and fire them at Europe.

The entire basis of US bases in Poland originates from the theory Iran either has or will get nuclear weapons and, then, for some strange reason, fire them at Western Europe. A simple question to which Bush has no answer is–why would Iran fire missiles at Europe? What exactly would be their goal? Iranian leaders are not stupid. They understand sending missiles into Europe would result in nuclear weapons being fired by Great Britain and France which possess those weapons. But, the essential question remains, what would ever lead Iran to initiate a war against the European Union?

From WMD To Missiles In Poland-Bush Ideas!

Five years ago, President Bush used the threat of WMD in Iraq as the rationale for invading that nation and beginning a war that continues to this day. Last year, the Bush administration informed the world that ‘rogue states’ like Iran and North Korea were preparing to launch missiles against Europe and the United States which made necessary building missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic. At one point, Russia offered to allow such bases to be built on its territory and have them jointly controlled by Russia and the United States, but Bush rejected the offer insisting the bases must be built in Poland and the Czech Republic. Once again, American representatives told this fairy tale to the Russian government. The Russian response was a sensible, “Russia is read to cooperate with the United States on European security but considers the proposals that were sent insufficient. We will not give our agreement to these proposals, and we will speak to the new administration.”

Perhaps, someone can explain why Iran would send missiles across the Ukraine, across Russia, and across Poland headed to who knows where! If the problem is European security, shouldn’t the EU do the building? Why the United States? The missile bases are aimed at one nation–Russia and its government is correct to reject these ridiculous American proposals!

Bush’s Missile Folly Results In Russian Missile Folly

The decision by President Bush to construct missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic was based on a strange assumption that the installation of the missiles was vital to the defense of Europe against attacks from Iran and North Korea. Of course, no one in Russia accepted such a weird idea and the result is determination on the part of Russia to retaliate against the Americans. Col. General Nikolai Solotsov said his nation might decide to aim its intercontinental ballistic missiles at the newly constructed bases. He said these facilities could be “designated as targets for our ICBMs.” Moscow believes the missile bases constitute a threat to their nation’s security since it is obvious they have nothing to do with Iran or North Korea.

Perhaps, George Bush can offer the world proof the missile bases actually are there to protect Europe against Iranian and North Korean missiles. Of course, before offering this data, he initially must explain why North Korea or Iran would seek to attack Europe? Bush’s policy was rash, it was unnecessary, and it was provocative towards Russia.

Poland Wants Bases Despite The Cost To Security

The Polish government is playing a dangerous game by linking its interests close to those of the United States. The decision to agree with President Bush’s desire for building missile bases in Poland may have solidified relations with America, but it has opened the Pandora’s box of anger with Russia. Twice in the 20h century, foreign nations used Polish territory to launch major invasions of Russia which resulted in the loss of over thirty million people. Lech Kaczynski, president of Poland, is besides himself with joy as he entertained visiting Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and when questioned about Russian remarks his nation was now a target of Russian missiles, he defiantly responded: “No one can dictate to Poland what it should do.” Brave, but most probably, foolish words.

The Polish government has forced the United States to station Patriot interceptor missiles on its territory, ostensibly for defensive purposes. Poland is now open for numerous Russian counter-attacks such as through means of cyber weapons or economic sanctions. John McCain may well shout expressions such as “we are all Georgians,” but few Americans believe that “we are all Poles.”

Poland Fears Resurgent Russia

Recent polls reveal half the Polish population fears a Russian assault on their nation which has resulted in a dramatic shift from opposing construction of a US missile base in their nation to large scale support for the idea. A prominent newsmagazine, Wprost ran a picture of Prime Minister Putin on its cover and on his face was a Hitler moustache. The people of Poland must recognize the Bush explanation for a missile defense is a complete lie. The very idea that a missile base was needed in Poland to prevent missiles from Iran is ludicrous. Why would Iran be firing missiles at European nations? If anything, they more logically would be headed towards Israel.

Polish political leaders do not hold strong belief in security that might be provided by the European Union. In an editorial in Rceczposolita, it was noted, “Berlin is avoiding any kind of confrontation. Because German has no level to expert pressure.” A difficulty preventing any significant action on the part of the European Union is lack of any agreed upon action that might seriously impact Russia. The Europeans obtain energy from Russia and the idea o resorting to military action is simply not in the cards.

Chancellor Merkel Meets With President Medvedev

Chancellor Merkel of Germany flew to the Russian black sea resort of Sochi to meet with Russian leader, Dimitry Medvedev. The purpose of her meeting was to reduce tension which had risen over the past few days as charges and threats flew back and forth from Russian and American diplomats. Merkel urged President Medvedev to respect the territorial integrity of Georgia, but he felt in light of the Georgian invasion neither South Ossetia nor Abkhazia wanted anything to do with being part of Georgia. Merkel argued for an international peace keeping presence in Georgia which was not opposed by the Russian leader. “We are not against international peace keepers,” he said, but emphasized South Ossetia and Abkhazia would not accept them and only wanted Russian soldiers to protect them.

Chancellor Merkel was able to get a slight backing down on the part of Russian leaders when she expressed concern over remarks made by General Anatly Nogovitsyin who hinted at an attack on any missile bases the US would build in Poland. Medvedev expressed his sadness at the American decision to construct missile bases in Poland but assured Chancellor Merkel, although that decision is “sad news for all who lie on this densely populated continent, but it is not dramatic.”