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Madness Of Bush And McCain Threatens World Peace!

Europe and Russia were working together on many issues and the old animosity between Russians and Americans had apparently been put to rest when suddenly everything has turned upside down. Bush deliberately provoked strong Russian reaction by pushing for missile bases to be constructed in Poland using the lame excuse they were needed to counter possible attacks by “rogue states” like North Korea and Iran. Hogwash. What pretext would lead Iran to send missiles to attack Europe knowing that France and Great Britain have nuclear armed submarines? Russia offered to have the missile bases built on their soil but Bush turned them down. The entire current hysteria originates in mistaken foreign policy decisions by George Bush. He deliberately provoked Russia. He armed the Georgian army and apparently gave President Saakashvili the impression his invasion would be supported by the United States.

General Anatoly Nogovitsyn, Russia’s deputy chief of staff, reflected Russia’s fury at the missile bases by warning Poland that it might be punished. “Poland, by deploying(the missile system) is exposing itself to a strike–100%.” He made plain Russia’s military defense system was predicated on attacking a nation that confronted it with missiles. Secretary of State Condi Rice is trying her best to calm down the Georgians and is avoiding making any provocative statements.

John McCain is using the Georgia invasion to hype his so-called foreign policy experience. However, the only thing he is demonstrating is his hyper active personality which is quick to make threats and has no grasp about diplomacy and calmness. He has called for the expulsion of Russia from the G-8 group. Exactly, how this would help lessen tension is still to be explained by the so-called foreign policy “expert.”

Hopefully, this incident should make any supporter of Hillary Clinton who now is considering voting for anti-female rights John McCain to think twice. John McCain is a loose cannon who makes Bush come across as being reasonable.

US And Poland Sign Missile Base Deal

The United States and Poland have signed an agreement which allows construction of a missile base that would be staffed by American military personnel. Russia naturally reacted angrily and pointed out such a base containing missiles were a threat to its territorial integrity. Poland argues the base is needed in order to ensure it will not be attacked by a foreign nation. President Bush from the beginning has insisted the missile base was needed to protect Europe against possible missile attacks from rogue nations such as Iran or North Korea. The president has repeatedly insisted the base was not aimed at Russia. However, there apparently is now a change in tone as to the purpose of the base since the agreement ensures Poland of American assistance if it was to be attacked by another nation.

The missile base from the beginning has been cast in lies and deception. Bush turned down a Russian offer of constructing such a base in Russia while at the same time promising the Russian government the base was there to deal with rogue nations. Konstantin Koschyov of the Russian Parliament noted: “It is this kind of agreement, the the split between Russia and the United States over the problem of South Ossetia,l that may have a greater impact on the growth of tensions in Russian-American relations.”

American military planes will be stationed at the base and have orders to shoot down planes that might be headed toward Poland. The United States reacts with fury and anger if Russia even hints it might place planes in Cuba while at the same time placing planes and missile bases on the border of Russia.

Medvedev Blasts US Missile Plans

President Dmitry Medvedev came out swinging against the Bush plan to establish missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic to in order to protect Europe against potential Iranian missiles. Medvedev made clear he regards such installations as disrupting the peace of Europe and serve no purpose other than allowing Bush to once again boast of his toughness. ”
This common(security) heritage cannot survive if one of the sides selectively destroys isolated elements of the strategic construction. this doesn’t satisfy us.”

The Medvedev comments come after the United States and Britain sharply criticized him for allegedly going back on promises made at the G8 summit to support action against the brutal Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe. Medvedev had to admit four Russian planes had wandered into Georgia where a civil war is raging.

The bottom line is no threat exists to Europe or the United States from Iranian missiles. Why would Iran launch a missile attack on Europe knowing full well both France and the United Kingdom have nuclear missile submarines that could easily destroy most Iranian cities? George Bush has once again created a problem where none exists. The likelihood of Iran firing such missiles is as probable as Bush finding his famous WMD.

Bush Weapons Of Mass Destruction Finally Identified!

The world has long awaited to know what President Bush meant when he claimed there were weapons of mass destruction that could create chaos in the world. In his obsession for WMD, the president has exerted pressure upon the Czech Republic and Poland to allow the United States to place its own WMD on their soil ostensibly designed to ward off missiles from rogue nations such as Iran(originally North Korea was mentioned but that nation has agreed to cooperate). The Russian government has been justifiably infuriated at the prospect of missile bases on its border aimed at non-existent threats. Its Foreign Ministry issued a statement that if plans proceed for the installation of such weapons in Poland or the Czech Republic, “we will be forced to react not with diplomatic but with military-technical methods.”

In February, Prime Minister Putin(then president) warned the presence of such missiles would result in deployment of Russian missiles to the Baltic Sea area and they would be aimed at Poland and the Czech Republic.

There is no threat of Iran firing missiles at Europe. George Bush once again has created a problem that does not exist in order to demonstrate his bravado and ineptness as a leader. The unanswered question is why does the European Union support such a ridiculous idea. Russia has every right to be upset. One can only wonder at a Bush response to missiles being placed in Mexico against possible Iranian missiles!

France And Germany Fight For EU Revision

France currently holds the presidency of the European Union so Sarkozy is using this leverage in order to push forward alternative strategies in order to secure Irish agreement on revision of the EU. His efforts were torpedoed by President Kaczyinski of Poland who refused to sign onto his parliament’s agreement to EU arguing that Ireland’s “no” vote meant “for the time being the question of the treaty is pointless.” However, Sarkozy and German Chancellor Merkel are exerting pressure on both Poland and the Czech Republic to adhere to their decisions of agreeing to revisions. French President Sarkozy made it plain that failure to support revisions would doom the chances of any new nation to enter the European Union.

The European Union is at an historic moment in its history. It can move forward and truly become a Federal Union of nations which has a centralized leadership in order to become a force for peace in the world or it can turn backward towards divisiveness and impotence as a world leader.

Avoid Angering Russia Warns Polish Voice

An old voice from Poland’s past told reporters it is important to avoid angering the Russian government which carries within its soul traditional fears and anxieties about the outside world. General Wojciech Jaruzelski, who once headed Poland, emphasized “it is in the interests of the West.. to have a stable Russia. Russia’s history and some of its complexes must themselves be taken into account.” Even as he spoke, a Russian military parade was taking place in Moscow as Dimitry Medvedev was being sworn in as president. Jarulzelski described Russian leaders as “cold pragmatists and patriots” who regard the expansion of NATO eastward as a provocative move which they believe threatens their security as a nation. He warned his own country to be cautious, “Poland must be really careful not to be a troublemaker in this field.”

He saw no need for the bulding of missile bases in Poland. “I think Russia and Russians see all such installatiions… not only in Poland and the Czech Republic, but also in Turkey, for example– as another attempt to surround and entrap it.”

The voice may be from an old man who once held a position of power, but it speaks logic and reason in contemporary times. There is no threat of missiles from foreign nations and the Russian government understands that all too well. Building missle bases is simply another provocative action by George Bush.

Russia Demands Access To US Missile Bases

President Bush continues to insist the proposed missile bases that will be located in Poland and the Czech Republic do not pose any threat to Russia since they are mainly being installed in case of an Iranian or North Korean missile strike. Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, challenged the US position by requesting Russian millitary observers be allowed access to the radar installations. “For us, it is important that we should see second-by-second where the radar is looking and what is happening at the base in the Czech Republic.” Bush apparently turned down this Russian request although he was willing to allow occasional visits by members of the Russian military.

If the purpose of the missile bases is to ward off attacks by “rogue nations” and they are not directed at Russia, what prevents the Russians from participating in this venture to protect Europe from some attacks by unseen enemies? Wouldn’t it only strengthen the ability of Europe to destroy incoming missiles if Russia was part of the defense system? Or, is Bush really pushing for the missile bases as a clever ploy to create a military weapon that could be used against Russia?

Historian On Polish Anti-Semitism Threatened

Historian Jan Tomasz Gross was facing possible charges by Polish prosecutors on grounds his latest book represents slander against the Polish nation. The book examines the murder of hundreds of Jews in Poland after the end of World War II. The Polish-American historian’s book, “Fear: Anti-Semitism in POland After Auschwitz” has aroused controversy with some claiming he is guilty of making generalizations about the murder of Jews by their former neighbors. His book focuses on the famous 1946 pogrom in Kielce in which 40 Jews were killed. Gross argues the murders were symptomatic of widespread lingering anti-semitic attitudes among many Poles, particularly those who had seized the property of Jews that had been sent to the death camps by the Nazis. Gross argues the pogroms were a major factor why about 200,000 Jews left Poland after the war, many going to Israel.

Prosecutors are investigating whether his book constitute a crime since Poland has a law which makes slander against a nation a possible criminal act. Some members of the Catholic church are upset because they would rather than get into the behavior of some priests during the Holocaust. A significant number of historians recognize that some Poles cooperated with the Nazis and that anti-semitism was a powerful feeling in Poland of that era. It is also baffling how anyone could be convicted of “slandering a nation.” If such a law existed in America millions would be in jail for daily insulting President Bush and his foreign policy.

Russian Military Leader Blasts US For Failure At Cooperation

Yuri Baluyevsky, Chief of Staff of the Russian General Staff denounced recent American proposals about the new missile system that is being developed in the Czech Republic and Poland. He regards American offers as a failure to be serious in creating a cooperative arrangement with Russia. “We do not see,” he said, “anything new in these proposals. What constructive proposals are we talking about, if Russia has merely been offered the chance to become a cost-free addition to the U.S. missile shield in Europe? Sources in the Russian military are angry because American proposals do not allow for a joint assessment of threats, do not allow Russian military experts to be stationed at the missile sites for joint consultation and there is no desire on the part of America for a willingness to refrain from activating the missile system unless there is conclusive evidence of a real threat.

This is simply another example of Bush’s misunderstanding of other nations. Russia has twice been invaded in the 20th century and their leaders may have aspects of paranoia in regarding the presence of offensive weapons near their border even though America claims they are not directed at Russia, but at other supposed enemies. The only other nations mentioned are North Korea and Iran. Why would North Korea wish to send missiles toward Europe? Iran is quite aware attacking Europe would result in a massive attack on their nation, particularly since France and Great Britain possess nuclear weapons. One might also raise the question as to why doesn’t the European Union handle its own defense? Why is America establishing a missile defense system for Europe?

New Polish Prime Minister Wants Troops Home From Iraq

Donald Tusk won election as the new prime minister of Poland in a smashing victory over Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kacynski. The Civic Platform party headed by Tusk won 40% of the vote which translates into about 194 seats in parliament. Tusk has made clear he wants Polish troops returned from Poland and expects the United States to provide greater incentives to Poland for stationing their missiles in his country. The European Union will heave a sigh of relief getting rid of Prime Minister Kacyskinski who opposed the EU on a range of issues including wanting a death penalty, environment concerns, and his opposition to abortion. The Prime Minister has consistently differed with leadership and decision making processes within the European Union.

It is good news that Poland is now more in accord with European Union views on a variety of issues. His insistence on withdrawing Polish troops simply means there is one more member of the “unwilling coalition” in Iraq.