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Can The Victim Dismiss The Case?

Thirty years ago, Roman Polanski, then a director in Hollywood, persuaded a thirteen year old to spend some time with him in the nude or in bed. After authorities discovered he might have been having sex with a 13 year old girl, charges of rape were brought against him. Polanski fled America to the safety of Europe where he soon became a rather famous media figure. American authorities have never ceased their efforts to have him extradited to face the original charges. Samantha Geimer, who was the young girl, but now is in her forties wants to end the media extravaganza and allow her to return to her normal life in Hawaii. She is asking authorities to drop the charges against Polanski and, “leave me alone.”

This raises an interesting legal issue — can the victim accept an apology from the victimizer and seek to drop charges or does the state have a right to make that decision? All Samantha wants is peace and quiet and does not seek to be on Oprah or be interviewed by any member of the media. A new case means her entire life is disrupted. Does she have any right to end the media frenzy?

French Culture Minister Rented Boys For Sex

New French Minister of Culture, Frederic Mitterand has been a vocal supporter of Roman Polsanski who is sought by US authorities in regard to his alleged rape of a 13 year old girl some thirty years ago. In now appears that Mitterand in his autobiography, (The Bad Life) described his delight in visiting Asian brothels and having sex with boys. Mr. Mitterand, who is openly gay, has been seen as a representative of more open ideas about sexual gender, but his support of Polanski’s rape and his own admission of sex with young boys casts into doubt if Mitterand can long retain his current position.

Members of the Socialist Party which Mitterand’s uncle once led, expressed shock at the admission of the Culture Minister and his defense of Polanski. Oh well, once a member of the Hollywood crowd, what would it take to lose favor?

Roman Polanski And Politics Of Fame!

The government of Switzerland has turned down a request to allow movie director Roman Polanski to be released on bail. By now, the facts of the case are known throughout the world. Thirty years ago, Polanski drugged and then assaulted a thirteen year old girl. Ordinarily, a man who rapes a young girl would be judged to be evil or mentally ill, but in the world of celebrities, raping young girls is a mark of distinction or a manifestation of the right of those with power to use the bodies of young girls without power. Hollywood stars who regard the rape of women in Darfur with horror and demand punishment for those guilty of these heinous crimes are remarkably supportive of Mr. Polanski’s rape.

Perhaps, there is need to establish a new category of rape– girls raped by famous men. If you have starred in, directed or produced a movie, then you are given special treatment in rape cases. It is called, “artistic achievement.” The real question is who is sicker, Polanski or those who support him?


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Pirate Party Approved”
The walking the plank prank will be featured.

Sweden, The Local: “Well Paid Mothers Breast Feed More”
They have more in the bank to dispense.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Missing Cop Sighted On Highway”
The question is what was he seeking on the highway.

UK,The Independent: “Tycoon Faces Jail Over Missing $700 Million”
You mean he only stole $700 million! He deserves a bonus.

USA, New York Times: “Pope Says Societies Must Have God”
But, what is there is more than one God?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Spanking Hurts”

Nigeria, Daily Trust: ‘Nigerians Spend Millions On Imported Flowers”
Smell the roses in Nigeria is my plea.

Indonesia, Tempo: “Visitors Crowd Zoo”
Why go to the zoo to see animals, just hop over to Congress.

UK, The Independent: “Free Polanski”
Free Polanski and read Stopsky