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Romas Victims Of Economic Crisis

Nations experiencing economic downturns seek to uncover answers for what has happened to create large scale unemployment. In the history of Europe, bad times invariably result for seeking a scapegoat and in many areas of eastern Europe the convenient group is the Roma population which already is viewed with disdain and fear by many people. During the past few months in Hungary there have been a series of attacks on Roma families which have resulted in the murder of several individuals. These assaults have ranged from burning homes and then killing Romas attempting to escape the building to killing a man returning from work. Police investigators believe there is a pattern to the murders including the probability that shooter is an expert marksman to the mundane fact that most of the murders happened in buildings which were the last house on the street.

In virtually all cases of these murders, those killed were citizens who were working or family members with no record of having been in trouble with others. The patterns suggests the murderer simply hates Romas and most probably stalks the victims to determine the right moment for death.

Hungarian Police Bungle Roma Murders

Hungarian police are being condemned by human rights groups for their bungling efforts in dealing with the death of a Roma man and his son who supposedly died in a house fire. Viktoria Mohacal repeated her charges there had been deliberate incompetence and bungling of the investigation of the deaths of the father and son. The initial investigation by police concluded the father and son had died in a house fire despite eye witness accounts of gunfire and the presence of petrol bombs and spent shotgun cartridges lying in the snow. Two forensic experts from a local university said the medical examiner report apparently was not a professional document.

The bottom line is that for too many people killing Romas is not really a crime and the perpetrators should escape punishment. There is need for a massive education program focusing on issues of multiculturalism which deals with the lives of Romas in Hungary.