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EU Police Innovation To Assist Tourists!

It is not unusual for those who travel to encounter problems of crime or whether their behavior is in accordance with local laws and regulations. The French government is sponsoring meetings with members of EU interior ministries in order to experiment with a new approach to police work. The idea is establishing police stations in areas frequented by tourists that are run by police from various nations. The goal, for example, would be having an American police station in Paris that would be available to American tourists who encounter difficulties with the law. An English speaking policeman would accompany them in their interactions with French police authorities.

French Interior Minister Michele Allot-Marie said the goals was enabling citizens of a country “access to police from their home and also(who) speak their language.” As part of the program police would received training in multiculturalism so they would be more familiar with issues pertaining to tourists who frequent their area of the country.

This is an excellent experimentation that will assist in protection of human rights for people who are in a strange area of the world.