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Egyptian Student Activists Assaulted By Police

Nagy Kamel and Mostafa Shawqy, are engineering students at Helwan University in Cairo and mainly focus on their studies, but one day as they entered the engineering building they were met by a group of police who demanded their ID cards, searched their bags, and then handcuffed the boys and took them off to jail. In Mubarak Egypt, it is a crime to speak out forcefully against his policies and doing so in public makes one subject to being searched and handcuffed. The assault on the boys took place one day after the Resistance Students,to which they belong, held a seminar that focused on the incompetent policies of the Mubarak administration. “We are active inside the university and know that what they’re doing is an attempt to stop our activity There’s an atmosphere of fear among students in the faculty of engineering.”

Students and faculty are both aware of police policies to stifle free discussion and to harass students who openly speak their mind. The boys will most probably be charged with physically assaulting police officers during the altercation.

According to many observers, since deans are appointed and usually have a security check which ensures police authorities have a voice in who becomes a dean, there is scant chance university administrators will take the side of their students against security forces.