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Let Them Drink Beer If We Break Down Their Door!

The search for drug dealers all too often results in the innocent being the ones who suffer. Police in Southampton Hampshire in England broke down the door of a house and pushed Anthony McVey against the wall yelling and screaming at their fortune in finding the noted drug dealer in his home. Oops, it was not the home of any drug dealer, but that of McVey and Kayleigh Hill as well as two small children. The alleged drug dealer had once lived in the building but had long since gone. OK, the door is broken, the family is frightened, children are crying and police are searching the apartment for a non-existent person. So, what do the police do once they realize it is the wrong man and the wrong family? They do what any decent police unit would do–they return the next day and present the family with a bottle of beer worth $2.50 and some flowers.

Oh, the police unit is trying to raise some money to pay for the busted door. I wonder if they might contact the drug dealer and secure his financial assistance. After all, it used to be his door!


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Inmate Complaint Form”
Are those provided members of Congress?

UK, Guardian: “Mother Refused Wine in Supermarket Due To Daughter”
Imagine if she had triplets with her, no viagra for dad.

South Africa, Argus: “That’s How You Nail Drunk Drivers”
Just spread beer cans along the highway.

Kenya, Herald: “Why Are Women Unhappy?”
Have you seen their husbands!

Tanzania, Arusha Times: “Why Millions Of Africans Are Poor”
They don’t have money?

Greece, Kathimerini: “Police To Put On A Friendlier Face”
From now on, before you are shot, they will offer a smile.

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Another Reason To Stay Healthy”
So, you can live longer?

Australia, Brisbane Times: “It’s Not About Money”
When it comes to health insurance companies, it is ALWAYS about money!

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “University Of Indonesia Ranks 201st in World”
OK, so they are not within the two two hundred, it is a beautiful country.


I realize President Obama has been placed in an awkward position by right wing talk shows because he spoke the truth– Professor Henry Louis Gates was treated by police in a racist manner. I am a 78 year old white haired white man. About several months ago, I was working downstairs and when I came up stairs to get a cup of coffee I realized the front door was not locked and my wallet was gone. I called the police to report a burglary. About ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door. I opened it and began speaking in an excited voice about the wallet. At no time did the two policemen ask for any ID from me. Actually, I could have been the burglar but they realized the old white haired man was upset. They calmed me down and then one of the police examined my cluttered table and found the wallet. We all laughed.

My behavior was akin to that of Professor Gates. I was upset, distraught, and slightly out of emotional control. The police calmed me down. An elderly man who is upset is not a physical threat to anyone, certainly I was not anymore a threat to the police than was Professor Gates. We laughed. My question is why was there the absence of laughter in this situation? It could have avoided having the nation have one more item for its silly season.

Militants Run Wild In Pakistan

The government of Pakistan often presents itself as a country divided in which as one group proclaims its opposition to militants, its double is joining them to attack itself. A group of gunmen, some dressed in police uniforms, attacked a police academy in Lahore and before the carnage was over there were dead police as well as several of the attackers. The attack is believed to have been planned by Pakistan Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud, a man with whom the Pakistan government a few weeks ago arranged for a truce. It is clear the goal of these attacks is to destabilize the country and compel the Pakistan army to make a decision — does it represent the nation of Pakistan or is it merely an arm of militants?

At least 70 policemen were wounded in the attack by men who were young, bearded and prepared to die for the greater glory of the Taliban. Some TV scenes showed police crouching behind walls and not actively engaged in doing any fighting. Of the eight dead gunmen, two blew themselves up after being wounded. Police did capture about six of the attackers.

Pakistan spokespeople claim a foreign hand was behind the attack and one can only deduce the foreign hand must be India. Why Muslim militants who are willing to commit suicide would be involved in an Indian planned attack is rather bewildering. There is no doubt the men were trained and if they were trained by the same group which help plan the attack on Mumbai it means the Pakistan ISI intelligence group had a hand in planning an attack on itself.

British Police Keep Files On Protestors!

Among the most sacred rights of Englishmen and women is the right to protest and complain about the government. Unknown to those protesting in the streets of the land is that police are taking photographs, and videos of those in the crowd. The Metropolitan police advises other groups on how to store data about those in protesting crowds. Its storage system indicates names of those in the protest as well as other information about these individuals. According to a recent investigation by the Guardian surveillance teams are targeting journalists who cover demonstrations. Christina Ferguson, notes, ” a searchable database containing photographs of people who are not even suspected of criminal activity may well violate privacy rights under article 8 of the Human Rights Act.” Why is anyone taking names of those in a crowd?

Many journalists are angry that police photograph them or take videos while they are covering a protest. In so doing, the police are somehow linking a journalist who is doing her job with the ideas or desires of the group that is protesting. I have often wondered what would happen if police cease doing such things and spent their time trying to capture criminals.

Egyptian Students Protest Lack Of Freedom On Campuses

Egyptian college students protested the presence of “security forces” on their campuses which they regard as a barrier to being able to freely express views while on a college campus. They wanted the removal of all forces from the Interior Ministry from their daily lives and blamed the desire of the Egyptian government to seek controlling free speech in colleges. As some of the students noted: “Security bodies ban any and all political, cultural and intellectual activity inside universities. they want to create a generation of young people incapable of saying anything except ‘yes’ to Mubarak, senior and junior.” A complaint raised by protestors was the frequent punishment of critics by preventing them places in university dormitories.

There can not be a free atmosphere on a college campus if police are present and ready to step in to put down what they regard as a violation of peace on the campus. A university must have complete control over all aspects of life in a university even to the point of hiring its own security force. There is no room for police when freedom of speech is the issue.

Crisis In Greek Police

Greece was rocked by violent anti-police riots in December after a policeman shot and killed a teenager. The resulting explosion of anger revealed deep seated antagonism toward the police among young people who regard them as excessively violent. The Revolutionary Struggle terror group issued a statement saying the police were legitimate targets for assassination and warned all members of the force to resign or face the consequences. The urban terror group admitted it shot at police during the riots. The result of the riots has been to lower morale among members of the force.

The government is now investigating the possibility of recruiting more police from the ranks of immigrant groups, particularly among those who received a Greek school education and are familiar with the law. Christos Fotopoulos, head of the Panhellenic Confederation of Police Officers, said it was time to expand those who are in the police. “As long as the state refuses to deal with the new reality, there will be more incidents of racism, and the police will suffer the consequences when others are actually to blame.”

Unfortunately, a survey of the police revealed they are bigots since most oppose recruiting children of immigrants into the force.

German Police Remove Pro – Israel Flag

A crowd gathered in the city of Duisburg in order to express their opposition to the Israel invasion of Gaza and the deaths of people. On their march, some of the members of the demonstration noticed an Israel flag that was hanging from a window, apparently in support of the government of Israel. The crowd began shouting and German police rushed into the building and then broke down the door of the apartment in order to remove the flag. The student is a strong supporter of Israel and due to the anger of Muslims in Duisburg a newspaper can not even mention the student’s name because of fear he will be attacked by those who do not like Israel.

Videos later confirmed the mob cheered actions of the German police. Actually, the student was down stairs watching the parade in order to document any anti-semitic actions and when the demonstration passed the apartment building he approached a police officer to ask why his apartment door had been broken. The police told him to stay away from the window and be careful.

Is this modern Germany where a citizen does not have the right to express an opinion? Doe Muslims in Germany have the right to intimidate those who oppose their views? After all, this is not the first time Muslims in Europe have attempted to intimidate those who express views they don’t like whether it be words or cartoons. People have a right to condemn the Israel policies in Gaza. They also have a right to support them.

Finland Closes Down Animal Activist Task Force

The Finnish police have decided to close down their special task force which focuses on the activities of illegal animal rights groups. The number of attacks on fur farms has declined dramatically over the past few years. It appears the police have utilized illegal wiretapping in order to capture the nefarious activists who had concern for the plight of animals. The police devoted considerable time assisting farmers to protect their animals against attempts to free them from cruel behavior. It appears the activities of animal rights groups these days is more focused on attacking fur and fashion shops.

There is scant evidence the task force was particularly interested in animals who might be subjected to mistreatment. When all is said and done, the only culprits in abusing animals are those attempting to end the abuse. In a capitalist society, private property always comes first regardless of what is happening on the property.

Aussie Police Are Watching You!

Members of the Australian Queensland Police Service are cracking down on links between journalists who are revealing secrets the police prefer remain secrets. Mick Barnes of the Queensland Police Union, says “every time somethng that appears in teh media that’s of some sensitive nature to the police service or the government, they try to work out how the media has got hold of this.” This results in police checking into personal records of members of the press. It is also believed the bank records and private telephone calls of members of the press and media are being accessed by the police.

In a show of defiance, the police do not deny any claims made by Barnes on the ground they have the right to check out unauthorized leaks to the media. They have the right to check, but they do not have the right to violate human rights. There is a difference.