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Can I Warn Robbers In Polish?

The owner of a large camera store in Lund has been reported to Sweden’s ethnic discrimination ombundsman for displaying a sign in Polish which was designed to ward off thieves. The sign reads: “Expensive cameras are not left in the store by the manager?” A passerby noticed the sign and reported it to authorities as discriminatory against those of Polish heritage. Ulf Ogge defended his action by claiming: “Eight years ago I had three break-ins in a short space of time.The thieves drove a car through the entrance. When I was in court it turned out that all the perpetrators were Poles and they weren’t able to speak Swedish or English. A Polish friend of mine helped me to write the sign.

One can only wonder if the object of Mr. Ogge was to avoid having cars driven into his store, why not be a bit more helpful. Perhaps, he can leave the keys to the front door in a manner that would make their presence known. In that way, he can avoid being a discriminatory person and the Polish or Romanian or even the Swedish thieves won’t have to damage any property, simple walk in and take whatever they can carry. In this way, Mr. Ogge can become an equality opportunity supporter of all thieves. On the other hand, Mr. Ogge deserves some praise for not sinking to telling “dumb Pole” jokes.