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Irish Prejudice Leads To Death Of Poles

During the past decade the influx of Polish workers has dramatically altered the nature of Irish society. Foreign labor is needed as Ireland experiencing an economic boom which has transfored the once quiet Irish economy into one of the most vibrant in the wrold. Last weekend, two hard-working Polish men who had gone out for some shopping were accosted by a gang of Irish youth who asked them to purchase alcohol for them. The workers refused and the gang then killed them with screwdrivers, one plunged into a head and one into a neck.

Perhaps, as Prime Minister Bertie Ahern claims, it was simply a case of mindless violence and “had nothing to do with the fact that they were Poles.” The sister of one of the dead men said, “we want to belive deep down that my brother was not killed because he was Polish… we probably won’t ever know.” We do know that bigotry and prejudice are alive in m any parts of Europe toward immigrants.