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Tangled Mess Continues In Pakistan

The military government of President Musharraf is both engaged in fighting militants in the northwest areas of Pakistan as it battles political opponents throughout the nation. Gelicopter gunships blasted away at suspected bunkers of militant in the north and claimed to have killed at least forty. In the mean time, police baton-charged a rally of the Pakistan People’s Party(PPP) in Gujranwala and arrested over 200. A spokesperson for the PPP claims that at least 12,000 activists have been arrested throughout Pakistan. John Negroponte, Deputy Secretary of State arrived in the nation and contacted Benazir Bhutto who heads the PPP. He urged her to continue efforts to unite political parties in an attempt to create a coalition for democracy in Pakistan.

The Bush administration is now caught in a dilemma. It has been a strong and fervent supporter of the Musharraf government while also arguing democracy must be fostered in Pakistan. There apparently is emerging a new democratic union of political parties, but this group is extremely hostile to Musharraf and will not work with his administration. What then, does the United States do? What if it comes down to Musharraf or the new coalition? One can only suspect if past history hold true, the Bush administration is completely confused on how to handle a complex foreign policy issue.