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Bhutto Party Might Work With Musharraf

The old adage politics makes strange bed fellows apparently has some validity in Pakistan where the Pakistan People’s Party of assassinated leader Benazir Bhutto indicated it might cooperate with President Musharraf once the elections are over. Pakistan Peopole party spokesperson, Farhattullah Babar said, “all options are open.. these bridge which we will corss when they come.” He forsaw the need for a coalition of moderate forces in Pakistant to handle terrorism and militants which thus might require the PPP to cooperate with Musharraf who does fall into the category of a secular leader. In the meantime, Taliban leaders announced that 300 men had been assigned the task of killing prominent political and religious leaders over the coming months.

The politics of politics invariably brings out the pragmatic aspects of human life. Some leaders of the PPP are prepared to go to bed with the man they believe may have had a hand in the killing of their leader. But, she is dead and they are alive. So, on with the march to power.