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Bugging And Bans Hit Kenyan Leaders

Ten high pofile leaders of Kenyan political parties have been banned from traveling to the United States over their alleged links to post-election violence in their nation. This apparently is a sign international pressure is shifing from subtle verbal threats to actual action against those who have plunged the nation into violence and chaos. Another incident raised even more issues when it was discovered the hotel rooms of UN-backed mediator, Kofi Annan, had been bugged. Although Kenya’s police denied the veracity of the story, an independent sources told the Kenya Standard, “Annan’s security aides found the device while the talks were in session on Tuesday.”

The center of this entire conflict is President Kibaki who stole the election and has stood by idly while people in his country are killing one another. He refuses to consider alternatives such as a coalition government or calling of new elections in the near future. One outcome of his stubborn refusal to compromise is the apparent drop, if not virtual halt, of foreign investment in Kenya. Kibaki increasingly is behaving like Robert Mugabe, the meglomaniac ruler of Zimbabwe.