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We offer some political statements of hate.

SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN: I often hate the hate that is in my heart, it is not the real me.

GLENN BECK: Hate is the engine of my financial success. Keep a hating is my slogan of life.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Hate makes money, being nice is for losers.

BARACK OBAMA: I often become overwhelmed by the outpouring of hate in this nation.

SARAH PALIN: I hate seeing my hair a mess.

JOBLESS AMERICAN: I hate rejections and denial of interviews. I hate having all this anger in my heart when all I want is meaningful work.

TIGER WOODS: I hate the media for being the media.

JOHN EDWARDS: I hate ruining my career because I could not control my penis, the weapon of my anger.

POPE BENEDICT XVI: I hate being placed in this position of apologizing for the sins of others.

RUDY GIULIANI: I hate it when the media does not ask for my opinion–I have one on just about every topic.