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Should Taliban Enter Politics?

A top UN official asked Taliban leaders to participate in the August presidential election and abandon fighting. He believes if the Taliban becomes active in the political process it will create the basis for peace in the war torn nation. “Call it reconciliation, or the peace process, whatever you want, but I believe that the opposition should know that those who want to take part in the election and respect the constitution should have an option to do this,” said Kai Eide, head of the UN mission in Afghanistan. There is no sign of any interest among Taliban leaders for participation in any election process. Of course, if the Taliban entered the election and its candidate won the presidential election, does anyone believe a member of the Taliban would be allowed to assume the presidential office? After all, what happened to Hamas when it entered the political process in Palestine?

In the meantime, President Karzai will undoubtedly win the election which means four more years of his incompetent leadership in a nation that desperately needs an honest government that can win the allegiance of the people. There is no indication that Karzai has any goal other than maintaining power–for himself and his cronies.

Death In The Afternoon In Afghanistan

The fight in Afghanistan continues with death and destruction as Taliban and al-Qaeda forces resist the new American forces in the area. Three Americans were killed in an ambush when attacked by rocket propelled grenades and guns. Lost in the discussion concerning the ongoing attacks by the Taliban is a simple question — where do their troops obtain the weapons and ammunition to continue fighting? The only logical answer is that arms arrive from Pakistan which supposedly is an ally of NATO and American forces fighting in Afghanistan. Until the supply lines are cut for the Taliban we can expect continued death for western soldiers who are fighting to protect the current Afghan government.

In the meantime, Afghanistan’s top vice president broke from the Karzai ticket to join a competing ticket for the presidency. The chaos of fighting is only matched by the chaos of politics in which men with corrupt backgrounds compete for the position of president so they can continue corruption. To what extent does this corruption result in more guns and ammunition for the Taliban?

Rise Of A New Class In China

A “new social stratum” is emerging in China according to a study initiated by China’s Communist Party’s Central Committee. They are labeling businessmen and professionals as a new factor in the history of Communist China. “They want to participate in political affairs and realize their political ambitions so that their interests can be protected and voices head,” said the report The “new social stratum” includes private entrepreneurs, technicians, and managerial staff both in private and foreign-funded businesses. In a survey conducted in the province of Guangdong, only 19% of this group was satisfied with their participation in political affairs. Few of them have links to official Communist Party leaders and find difficulty getting across their views to the government. There are signs a few from this group are beginning to enter local politics.

The emergence of the “new social stratum” offers China great hope for the development of democracy. In the coming years people from this group will become more involved in Communist Party internal politics and get their voices heard in the halls of power. The new group is not interested in traditional communism and will shift the nation slowly, but gradually in the direction of a more democratic, capitalistic environment.

Borat Meets The Borgias- A Story Of Family And Murder!

In a motion picture, Borat leaves peaceful, backward Kazakhstan on a voyage to the modern world of America. In real life, Kazakhstan is anything but a peaceful backward part of the world, it is the center of intrigue and murder. Rakhat Aliyev,former chief of the nation’s intelligence service, and son-in-law of its president, Nursultan Nazaerbayev, claimed his father-in-law ordered the murder of political opponents. He claims being given the order by his father-in-law to assassinate the opposition leader, Altynbek Sarsenbayev. During a 90 minutes interview held in a secret location because Aliyev has been forced into exile and fears he will be killed, the former intelligence chief revealed information about murders of other political opponents of the President of Kazakhstan. Aliyev was once the golden boy of the regime and destined to one day lead the nation but ran into trouble when his father-in-law feared Aliyev’s growing political ambitions and sacked him as Ambassador to Austria and made him flee for his life. “i”m no angel,” he admitted but denies he is taking revenge because his father-in-law forced his wife to divorce him. His accusations come at a time when Nazaerbayev is headed toward meetings with England’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown and with George Bush.

This story appears to be one lifted straight from a Shakespeare play about royal intrigue and conspiracies. Unfortunately, President Nazaerbayev has a reputation of being a cruel, sadistic ruler who has killed many people during his one man reign of terror. Maybe, Shakespeare is right about royal families.