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Wither Israel– Peace Or Isolation?

There are moments in the history of nations in which choices must be made regarding the future existence of the country. The state of Israel has endured fifty years of isolation and hatred and survived. But, there is always a price paid when living in a constant state of fear and aloneness. President Barack Obama has openly challenged Israel to confront the need for peace and be willing to pay the price that goes along with ending isolation. He discussed mistakes on the part of the United States, he discussed mistakes on the part of Palestinians and Muslims, and he discussed mistakes on the part of Israel. At no point did he single out Israel as the only one responsible for the current impasse in peace.

Jewish voters are divided on how to respond to the Obama challenge. A newspaper poll that asked: “Should Israel accept Obama’s demands or reject them and risk sanctions?” About 40% of respondents said their nation should reject the demands of Obama while 56% said it was necessary to deal with reality. The latter figure might include Israeli Arabs.

The time is now, not tomorrow for Israel.