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Who Is Taking Which Political Poll For Which Reason?

A CNN poll last night showed Barack Obama ahead by seven points while a Pew Research Center poll had him ahead 14 points even as a Washington Post-ABC conclusion was the margin was nine points, However, off in the distance was an AP-GFK poll revealed the race was a dead heat! How could polls be display 12 points differences? CNN claimed they had discovered about 10% of Republican voters said they were voting for Obama and the elderly vote had shifted from a 57% to 41% John McCain lead over Obama among senior citizens a month ago to a current 54% to 44% lead by Obama over McCain among elderly people. Just about every poll at state levels reveals significant Obama leads, but the AP-GFK poll insists that data is wrong.

John McCain looks tired with each passing day as he hammers away at the “socialist” charge against Obama. In 2002, McCain denounced the Bush tax cuts as favoring the wealthy, but now he defends the tax cuts and claims Obama, who supports the 2002 McCain view, is a “socialist” who wants to redistribute wealth. One can only assume when tax policies benefit the wealthy at the expense of the middle class and poor, it is not “redistributing wealth,” but simply carrying out old American values that when all is said and done, the wealthy must retain their wealth.