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Pope To Irish Clergy –Get Back On Bandwagon!!

Church attendance has declined among Catholics at an ever increasing rate which might cause those in charge to explore the meaning of this shift as to why more and more Catholics in Europe are not regular church goers. But, this is the church, not of Jesus Christ, but of Pope Benedict XVI who believes if there are any problems they undoubtedly stem from either –failure of priests to be more forceful in spreading church doctrine, or due to lack of Catholics going to church on a regular basis to confess their sins. A special nine man(God forbid appointing a woman) investigator group has arrived in Ireland to spread the word that it is time to get back to basics and cease all these modern ideas about priests actually discussing issues with members of their parish. Priests will be told under no condition are they allowed to publicly question church teaching or whatever the Pope says or does. They must adhere to church doctrine on birth control and abortion and end secular attitudes.

Let me get this straight. Catholics in Ireland have been dissatisfied with their church doctrine and have ceased going to church. According to Pope Benedict XVI, the solution is to make certain what they dislike WILL be taught by priests. There is no question following this approach will witness millions returning to the Catholic Church. I wonder if Pope Benedict has considered volunteering to assist the Israel Cabinet. His ideas on problem solving come across as though uttered by the Israel government.

Pope Benedict Does Not Bestow Benediction On Gays

Earthquakes in Haiti, hundreds slaughtered or raped each day in the Congo, recession devastating the lives of millions, and what does Pope Benedict XVI wish to discuss as a critical issue-gay rights! In a letter addressed to the Catholic bishops of Great Britain, after praising the desire of England to seek “equality for all,” sharply condemned laws which create “limitations on the freedom of religious communities to act in accordance with their beliefs.” He most probably was referring to recent legislation which prevents adoption agencies from discriminating against gay couples. The Pope made clear such laws “actually violates the natural law upon which all human beings is grounded and by which it is guaranteed.’

The Pope misses an important issue. The British government is not telling or requiring the Catholic Church to grant equal rights to gays and lesbians. That question remains entirely under the control of the Pope and other members of the church. But, when the Church seeks to use national funds, then it must abide by national laws and regulations.