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Is A Papal Apology What Is Needed?

Pope Benedict XVI apologized to the people of Ireland for increasing revelations of sexual abuses caused by actions of members of the clergy. He admitted there had been “grave errors of judgment” on the part of those in charge of the Catholic Church. He appealed to priests to “openly acknowledge your guilt and submit yourselves to the demands of justice.” However, many critics are concerned at failure to open the files and allow secular authorities to investigate any and all claims of abuse on the part of clergy members. There is also a sense the Pope simply lacks a grasp as to the extent of what occurred in Ireland, let alone understand what must be done.

The issue of celibacy remains one that is not examined. Celibacy was NOT a practice among original members of the Catholic church and was added hundreds of years after the death of Jesus Christ. It is time to reopen the topic by asking a commission representing a cross section of views to examine the topic and make recommendations.

An apology today will simply require another one tomorrow unless changes are made in celibacy,

Right Jobs For People

Following are jobs that would fit the personality of some people.



RUSH LIMBAUGH: Garbage collector.

COLLEGE PROFESSOR: Used car salesman.

KEY MAKER: Safecracker.

JOHN MCCAIN: Head of Annapolis.

HANNAH MONTANA: Two headed woman in a circus.

CIGARETTE SHOP OWNER: Owner of a Mortuary.

IRS AGENT: Priest.

GLENN BECK: Delivers manure to farms.

Pope Backs UN Racism Summit

Although numerous nations such as the United States, Sweden, the Netherlands and Israel have indicated they will not attend the upcoming UN conference in South Africa, Pope Benedict XVI welcomed the meeting as an important step in combating racism. He expressed hope delegates will work together “with a spirit of dialogue and reciprocal acceptance to put an end to every form of racism, discrimination and intolerance.” One can only wonder if the Pope is well served by his staff because his comments ignore concerns raised by major nations which fear the exact opposite of what the Pope hopes to happen will occur. The conference will be a sounding board for anti-semitism, blaming Israel for the world’s ills and ignoring blatant racism, anti-feminism, and intolerance toward others. Iran oppresses women and discriminates against members of the Bahai faith, but that behavior will never be addressed by this conference anymore than the 5,000,000 dead in the Congo or the 200,000 in Darfur.

In the end, this conference has but one aim– attribute all problems in the world that might relate to racism to one nation– Israel. In the process, ignore those who have been killing, persecuting and destroying the basis of democracy in their nations.

Condoms Or Disease–Choose Disease?

Pope Benedict XVI is undoubtedly a good man, a good leader of his church, but on occasion he appears to suffer from an inability to grasp the dynamics of modern life. He is currently on a tour of Africa, a continent which is being ravaged by AIDS and in which the infection rate in many nations has reached over 10% of the population. The Pope made clear to Catholics his firm opposition to the use of condoms during sexual encounters. He said, “AIDS is a tragedy that cannot be overcome by money since that cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which even aggravates the problems.” The solution according to the Pope is a “spiritual and human awakening” and “friendship for those who suffer.”

People are dying. Thousands enjoy lives filled with pain and quick death. To ask these individuals to consider having a “spiritual awakening” will not end their suffering. It is time for the Pope to recognize a modern disease and offer assistance in preventing its occurrence. The use of condoms has only one benefit– it helps prevent disease.

Rumors A’Flying About Bush And Catholicism!

The rumors may well be simply an over reaction to the warm welcome given President Bush by the Pope, but the word is spreading around the Vatican that George Bush might be interested in converting to Catholicism. Unlike most foreign dignitaries who are greeted by the Pope in the Library of the Apostolic, Pope Benedict gave a warm welcome to his American friend at the entrance to St. John’s tower and then showed him around the gardens. Bush was heard to express, “What an honor” when the Pope gave him this special tour and the two men then spent a half hour in private conversation.

The rumors about a Bush conversion most probably are connected to the recent conversion of former prime minister Tony Blair to Catholicism and to the fact Bush’s brother, Jeb, converted to Catholicism when he married his Mexican born wife, Columba. Cardinal Pio Laghi, the papal envoy to the White House commented: “Bush believes in the values of the church and his brother is a convert” in order to explain the extraordinary personal tone of the Bush meeting with the Pope.

One never knows what goes on in the mind of George Bush and the idea of being a member of a church that opposes abortion and gay marriage might be attractive. Who knows, but there may be many Catholics who would not welcome into their church a man who supports execution of murderers, who has caused war and destruction, and who has scant connection with the needs of poor people.