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Pornography In Prehistoric Times Is Still Porno!

There are unconfirmed reports Rush Limbaugh has decided to launch an all out campaign against pornography from Europe which is designed to warp the minds of decent Christians like Rush who divorce wives and hide from military service. A piece of prehistoric pornography which someone carved from mamoth ivory about 35,000 years ago is still pornography and will undoubtedly be investigated by those who seek to end porno in our lives. According to Nicholas Conrad of the University of Tubingen, “there can be no doubt that the depiction of oversized breasts, accentuated buttocks and genitalia results from the deliberate exaggeration of the sexual features of the figurine.”

We in this blog believe there is need for a congressional investigation since there is no doubt Democrats and the liberal media are behind this attempt to slip in cro-magnon pornography and encourage youth to cease being God fearing decent individuals. The issue is not whether porno is 35,000 or 50,000 years old, the issue is when will these damn liberals and porno people stop trying to poison the minds of decent people! If we allow 35,000 year old pornography to enter our society it will open the flood gates of porno from 75,000 years ago and God knows when it will end.

Please Rush, turn away for a moment from your campaign to portray Barack Obama as a stealth candidate trying to slip in reparation payment to lazy black people and focus on the real issues of our time– 35,000 year old pornography!! Oh, and speaking of pornography, do you ever look in the mirror?

Pornography Law In Indonesia Debated

The recent passage of a new law dealing with pornographic material continues to raise serious issues of free speech in Indonesia. Six experts representing various sectors of Indonesian society presented their views to the Constitutional Court. They argued the law imposed restrictions on some cultures in Indonesia, it made unclear the meaning of morality, and violated freedom of speech. “We all agree pornography has to be eradicated,’ said Professor Sulistyowati but she expressed concerns the law prevented some cultures from engaging in dances or displaying art work they regard as appropriate. If implemented it would be more destructive of cultural practices and do little to address genuine concerns about pornography.

The issue of pornography continually crops up because one person’s view as to what is “immoral” is simply not that of other people. Indonesia has dozens of cultural groups and their dances or art work might offend another group. Obviously, Muslims are more restrictive in what can be publicly displayed of the human body, but other religions and cultures have not such feelings.

Groups Protest Indonesian Pornography Law

Numerous groups are protesting the new pornography law in Indonesia on grounds it violates freedom of religion as well as prevents cultural groups from enacting traditional activities. The law defines pornography as something related to nudity, but as one plaintiff in the law suit points out, “what about the japongan dance in West Java and women wearing kemben (traditional strapless top) in Central Java and East Java?” There are numerous ways in which one could be charged with supporting pornography under the new law and Christian groups are particularly incensed that the law reflects the ideas of a group of fundamentalist Muslim men who seek to impose their definition of pornography on the diverse population of Indonesia.

Any nation which believes “nudity” is equivalent to “pornography” opens the door to censorship for what might be ordinary cultural activities.

Pornography Definition Divides Indonesia

A bill supposedly designed to make pornography illegal, has created turmoil within Indonesia. Many opponents charge the bill was the work of fundamentalist Islamic leaders who object to what many consider to be normal visual or artistic material. The law criminalizes any sex-related materials that government deems to violate public morality. There is widespread opposition to the law in rural areas where people dress in their own style which could be interpreted under the law as an expression of immorality. Kamala Chandrakirana, chairwoman of the National Commission on Violence Against Women, expressed disappointment with the law which could be used against women who dress in a manner that offends religious fanatics.

President Yudhoyono, in signing the bill defied advice from close advisers who feared the law would encourage civil disobedience in areas of Papua and Bali whose style of life and dress is not in accord with traditional Muslim views. Opponents fear fundamentalist Muslims will take the law into their own hands and decide what is or is not appropriate dress or artistic work.

Indonesia Legislature Passes Anti-Porn Bill

The Indonesian legislature passed a controversial anti-pornography bill that has been denounced by human rights activists and many women groups. Many minority groups and those who defend social justice fear the new bill will erode free speech rights. One opponent argued: “We agree we must protect our nation from pornography, but we can’t accept the substance of this bill.” The bill defines pornography in terms that could place an artist or a comedian or a woman in danger of being arrested. For example, it defines “gestures” that incite pornography as illegal, a definition that could cast a wide variety of behaviors as tantamount to pornography.

The bill allows local groups to take the law into their own hands by acting to get rid of pornographic materials or take action against an individual who they believe is fostering pornography. The bill is so vague that an art exhibition which is termed “pornographic” by a local group can be halted and the organizers thrown in jail.

Indonesia Debates Meaning Of Pornography

Indonesian feminist and human rights groups are concerned at proposed legislation which defines pornography in an open ended manner that could result in making those who fight pornography be charged with advocating it. Article 1 of the proposed legislation defines pornography as any sexual reference exhibited as a drawing, sketch, illustration, photograph, motion picture, animation, cartoon poetry, conversation or any form of communication. the broad strokes of the legislation could be interpreted as allowing those who write poetry or pictures of females being defined as examples of pornography.

If a nation defines pornography as entailing displaying pictures of women it opens the pandora’s box of what exactly can be portrayed of the female body. Who defines if one picture is pornographic or not? The legislation apparently places such power in the hands of government bureaucrats. That is always a dangerous position if the object is to protect human and female rights.

Indonesian Women Fight For Rights

A coalition of Indonesian women groups is fighting against proposed government legislation which, ostensibly, would halt the spread of pornography, but which they regard as a subtle attack on women rights of expression. Rena Herdiyani, director of the women’s group, Kalanamitra, said, “the bill regulates something that shouldn’t be regulated. It would restrict women’s freedom of expression. It’s not that we are pro-pornography, but they (lawmakers) regard women as only objects, not subjects.” She believes the bill is so vague as to the definition as to what constitutes “pornography” that it could be used to silence the right of women to deal with issues pertaining to their lives and bodies. For example, dances or song lyrics could be classified as “pornographic.” Of course, who would be making the definition as to what constitutes pornography?

Democracy means the open expression of ideas. The prospect of a group of fundamentalist Muslim clerics deciding what constitutes pornography is frightening to say the least.

Republican Iraq Victory Plan-Ban Playboy-Penthouse!

Republican Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia has uncovered the real problem with America’s problem in eliminating miliants in Iraq–the sale of Playboy and Penthouse on military bases! His “Military Honor and Decency Act” would ban sales of “sexually explicit material on military bases. Broun argues, “allowing the sale of pornography on military bases has harmed military men and women by escalating the number of violent, sexual crimes, feeding a base addiction, eroding the family as the primary building block of society, and denigrating the moral standing of our troops both here and abroad.” He does not want the American government to “foot the bill” on the sale of such material to our fine young men and women.

Finally, a Republican with a plan to end the war in Iraq!! If only President Bush would listen to the wise words of Congressman Broun it would send a message to al-Qaida that America will not longer support pornography. Once al-Qaida and the Taliban realize the Bush administration is on their side in the fight for decency, all fighting will cease in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why hasn’t the Bush administration told us about such brilliant Republican congressmen? Up to this point I thought the Taliban and al-Qaida were the enemies, little did I realize it was Playboy and Penthouse!