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Following are remarks thought in private and never publicly shared.

MICHAEL VICK: From now on, cat fights, and for me that’s with a woman.

ARNOLD SCHARZENEGGER: Just think, in one year, I will be back to being the Terminator. If I could only terminate the California legislature.

COLIN POWELL: I just can’t believe I served with these creatures. They couldn’t even match the ability of the lowest private in the army.

NY STATE LEGISLATOR: You mean being elected to the legislature, does not entitle me to take bribes! Why for God’s sake would anyone take this job if they couldn’t get bribes?

Senator Grassley: I want a bipartisan health care plan which protects the rights of insurance companies and does not allow Death panels.

BARAK OBAMA: I never said I was a liberal, I said I was a pragmatist. If I could only figure out a pragmatic health insurance plan.

JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: The hearing was the worse exam I have had since my fifth grade spelling quiz.

ELIOT SPITZER: Why not another shot at being governor? I have already surpassed Bill in female issues, and he became president!

GOLDMAN SACHS EXECUTIVE: I love the competitive world of high finance. I louse up, and the government bails me out. I make billions and screw the government. It is a win-win game.