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Mugabe Continues Erratic Behavior Of Destruction

President Mugabe’s increasingly bizarre and destructive behavior continues to threaten his nation with complete disaster as hunger and cholera increase without any immediate hope to alter their devastating impact on people. Armed police took a leading Zimbabwean human rights campaigner and eight other activists to a maximum security prison where their fate is unknown. The High Court of Zimbabwe ordered their release and treatment in a hospital, but Mugabe is oblivious of other nations or any other authority but his own distorted and mentally unbalanced view of reality. All nine men are in police custody and no one knows if they will continue to be beaten or, at some point, even killed. Some were picked up at gun point by police who are carrying out the orders of the Supreme Leader to crush any and all opposition to his rule.

On one hand, Mugabe says he is willing to go through with a power-sharing agreement he accepted in September. On the other hand, he continually arrests, beats and tortures men and women who supposedly would be in the coalition government. African nations stand idly by while millions of Africans face the prospect of famine and illness. Is this what the fight against colonialism was all about?

Mugabe Must Go, Say African Leaders!

South African leaders urged the Zimbabwe government to place the interests of their people before their own needs to power. As President Robert Mugabe sits entrenched in power, thousands of his countrymen are dying and the cholera total is at least 600 and rising every day. Mugabe refuses to allow opposition parties to have control over either the army or police because he fears honest police officials will uncover the crimes he and his fellow thugs have kept hidden for years. There are now massive food shortages and millions face the prospect of death by starvation unless something is done. The hospital system has collapsed as has the water system in the capital and disease will spread even more.

Kenyan President Raila Odinga put it clearly by saying it was time for Mugabe to go. “It’s time for African governments to take decisive action to push him from power. Power-sharing is dead in Zimbabwe and will not work with a dictator who does not really believe in power-sharing.” Finally, an honest statement from an African leader.

Five Million Can Die In Zimbabwe!

The tragedy of Zimbabwe gets worse with each passing day. The United Nations World Food Program is warning unless something is done to get the nation back in some semblance of rationality, nearly five million people will face the prospect of starvation in the coming months. The megalomaniac President Mugabe earlier this year banned all foreign aid which delayed initiating programs to feed starving people. His decision to drive out of the country white farmers and give their farms to his cronies rather than to experienced black farmers transformed a productive farm economy into a basket case of incompetence.

Officials of the Southern African Development Community(SADC) asked former South African president Mbeki to mediate the impasse between Mugabe and the Movement for Democratic Change which won the presidential election only to have it stolen by the president. Mbeki has been unable to persuade his old friend, Mugabe, to enter into a genuine power-sharing arrangement. The government is paralyzed and no foreign nations will supply aid to Zimbabwe until power is shared. Cry for the beloved country of Zimbabwe.

Mbeki Backed As Zimbabwe Mediator

South Africa’s new president made clear the desire of his country that former President Mbeki continue in his role as mediator for the conflict in Zimbabwe. President Kgalema Motlanthe made clear “our government has full confidence in Mr. Mbeki’s ability to build on the historic successes already made in the power-sharing negotiations under his mediation.” The situation in Zimbabwe has become critical because President Mugabe is using the departure of Mbeki from the presidency as an excuse to stall, if not kill, the power-sharing agreement. Mugabe, as always, prefers to create a stalemate in order to claim he really is trying. The only thing Mugabe is trying is how to get out of sharing any power with his rival, Morgan Tsvangirai.

It will take more than Mbeki to get the power-sharing agreement to be accepted and implemented. Other African nations must express their anger at the stall tactics of Mugabe.

Has Africa Cheered Too Quickly About Mugabe?

The on again off again story of Robert Mugabe agreeing and then not agreeing to share power with Morgan Tsvangirai continues to create chaos in the nation of Zimbabwe which is anxious for stability and a government that can rebuild the nation’s economy. Zimbabwe’s leaders failed to agree on which minister posts would be handled by the Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) and which would remain under control of the thugs and incompetents who owe allegiance to Mugabe before they give any thought as to what is beneficial to their fellow countrymen. MDC spokesperson Nelson Chamisa, said: “The meeting did not produce an agreement and the matter has been referred to the negotiators because of contestations over key ministries.” Mugabe’s Zanu PF party seeks to retain control over the police, finance, the military and information in order to maintain power.

Logic would dictate that a government which has wrecked the economy causing an 14 million inflation rate and sending ten percent of the population fleeing to other nations would like others to assume control over the nation’s economy. But, this is Zimbabwe which is run by Mugabe as his personal fiefdom.

Mugabe:Sharing Power Is Humiliating!

Zimbabwe President Mugabe told his associates the very concept of having to share power with those who actually won a fair election is a “humiliation.” The basic mistake he made stemmed from “if only we had not blundered in March.” In March, 2008, there was a semblance(not complete but the appearance) of a fair election. In other words, the president still believes if only in March had he intensified the brutalization, harassment, and murder of opponents he never would have been placed in the position by the outside world to share power with individuals who seek to revive the economy and end civil rights abuses. This evil man has yet to recognize his destruction of his own nation because the quest for personal power always dominates his thinking.

In the coming days, there will be meetings which hopefully result in transferring to Morgan Tsvangirai and the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) some actual power in order to begin the process of restoring the economy and ending violence against Mugabe opponents. I guess the last words spoken by Mugabe before he dies will be, “if only I had been true to my nature in March and killed all of those who dared oppose me.”

African Union Tired Of Mugabe Stall Tactics!

The African Union increasingly is tired of stall tactics by President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe who refuses to accept demands to share power with the man, who most probably, defeated him in the presidential election. AU chair, Tanzanian Foreign Minister Bernard Membe said, “we would prefer a solution be arrived at immediately because of the escalating economic crisis. We still pray that a solution will be found towards a 50% power-sharing solution.” Mediation efforts have broken down because Mugabe fears surrendering any power to Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.

To make matters worse, Mugabe will not allow international relief efforts to proceed without making them adhere to his rules and regulations. Several international groups have been unable to provide food and other necessities because they did not fill out the correct registration papers. Thousands may die, but Mugabe wants papers to be filled out.

Zimbabwe Heads For Peace– We All Hope!

There is increasing optimism that President Mugabe of Zimbabwe will sign a power sharing agreement within the coming days. Under terms of this government arrangement, Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, will assume the new role of prime minister. A major stumbling block was overcome when Tsvangirai agreed to recognize the legitimacy of the Mugabe election as president. The issues remaining revolve around specifics pertaining the exact powers that would be entrusted to Tsvangirai and which would continue being carried out by President Mugabe.

Once an agreement is made it will take a few weeks in order to change the Constitution to take into account changes such as creating the position of prime minister. However, once a government attempts to deal with the economic disaster that is currently Zimbabwe it will require taking away farm lands seized by followers of Mugabe who have ruined these lands and created food problems. Will they go quietly from farms they lack the expertise to run?