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Dishonor Of Honor Killing In Turkey

Naile Erdas was a sixteen year-old girl who found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time and was assaulted and raped which resulted in a pregnancy. She feared letting anyone in her family know what happened and hid the pregnancy until she finally went to a hospital. When the doctors told family members she was pregnant they promised they would not hurt the girl so the hospital released her in custody of the family. Within two hours of returning “home” she was shot dead by her brother. Ordinarily, honor killings in Muslim nations result in minimal punishment for the killers, but the Turkish court decided it was time to end such atrocities and sentenced father, mother, and two uncles to life in prison while a third uncle received a 16 year sentence for failing to report the murder.

The idea of even terming such murders, an “honor killing” insults every definition of justice in the world. Women have been killed for marrying the wrong boy or for talking with a stranger, but there are no cases of a Muslim man being “honor killed” for adultery or talking with women or getting a girl pregnant. This is a sickening story of human brutality.