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Sarkozy Backs Palestinian State And Israel’s Security

French President Nicolas Sarkozy while visiting Algeria came out strongly for the creation of an independent Palestinian state. “it is from a feeling of injustice,’ said Sarkozy, “that the terrorists derive their greatest strengths. Depriving the Palestinians of a nation is an injustice that France will not accept.” He also made clear in his talk with Algerian students ‘that Israel has a right to live in security” and failure to allow that to occur might also be construed as an injustice. While in Algeria, the French president signed a nuclear cooperation accord with Algeria and urged peaceful sharing of nuclear energy between Europe and Muslim nations. Sarkozy also told them Paris would host a conference on December 17 to raise money for the Palestinians. throughout his three day visit, Sarkozy has made clear that French colonial rule of Algeria was wrong and as he put it, “I have not come to deny the past. But, I have come to say that the future is more important.” Several times in his speech, the French leader made clear his opposition to racism, to anti-semitism and to anti-Muslim ideas.

President Sarkozy is doing an important thing by openly speaking of the need for Israel to have security as a nation while also ensuring that Palestine is an independent nation. Those who preach anti-Muslim feeling are no different from those who support anti-semitism.