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Ralph Nader Spoiling For A Presidential Fight

Ralph Nader announced his intention of once again enterng the race for president of the United States. He claims most people are disenchanted with Republican and Democratic candidates and simply dying for him to enter the fray and offer a full dose of Nader self righteousness. According to Nader, the existing candidates are in the pockets of the corporate world and none offers new solutions to world and national issues. Nader blamed Joh McCain and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for failure to support Medicare and refusing to crack down on Pentagon spending. “The issue is do they have the moral courage, do they have the fortitude to stand up to corporate powers and get things done for the American people. We have to shift the power from the few to the many.”

As we recall, Ralph Nader in 2000 saw no difference between a victory for George Bush or Al Gore. One would hope after that delusional statement, Nader would at least recognize his role in allowing George Bush to become president and preside over destruction of America’s moral standing in the world and the horror of Iraq. But, when it comes to grandstanding and pretending to take the moral high position, no one sinks lower in the desire for grandiose pretentiousness than Ralph Nader. He did more to assist corporate power, to assist anti-worker legislation, to assist denial of medical care than any person in this nation.

A vote for Nader is a vote for continuance of war in Iraq of a Supreme Court controlled by right wingers and an America which furthers the interest of the corporate world. The price for Ralph Nader’s personal salvation is destroying the soul of the United States. He would sell out to the Devil if it

From Abroad: American Political Parties Seem Alike

In an editorial appearing in the Korea Herald, the editor slams American politics as essentially having agreement among those running for the presidency as to future foreign policy. They all come across as favoring democracy, being against terrorism, wanting at least some American troops remaining in Iraq, promise to protect Israel against Iran or the Palestinians, and want peace. The editor comments: “The problem in American foreign policy is that an ideological orthodoxy has emerged within the intellectual and political community concerned with foreign relations, and this orthodoxy now is imposed upon everyone who wishes to shape national policy at the Washington political and media level. The important debate that takes place in America on Sunday mornings on television or in the national press, and in the Congress is really a knockabout vaudeville performance without serious content on both sides, in essential respects, they are on the same side. If you listen to it from abroad, it is unrecognizable because it is totally inwardly directed and does not touch external reality, as seen, felt, and suffered elsewhere.”

The editorial is written by William Pfaff, a noted political correspondent. He raises issues as to whether or not those running for the presidency have at all considered how what they say is interpreted elsewhere in the world. They talk for sound bites appearing on the six o’clock news or for a particular interest group. Perhaps, this explains the failure on the part of any candidate to articulate a new approach to foreign policy.