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Reverend Wright’s Season In The Sun Of Fame

Reverend Jeremiah Wright for years regarded Barack Obama as a son whose future was of importance, but today, the good reverend is marching defiantly into the glare of the sun of fame and there is no turning back for the eloquent voice of self adulation. In a theatrical peformance at the National Press Club, in which he was at times, flippant, at other times confrontational, the pastor let leaders of the media world know he was not going off the stage until he has completely destroyed the candidacy of Barack Obama. On one hand, Reverend Wright pretends to be concerned about the black church, but, in reality, he wallows in the limelight and simply can not take his eyes off the glare of publicity and fame.

Oh, he made the required comments about racial reconciliation, but his flippant asides revealed the real purpose of his talk. When asked about his comment regarding the 9/11 attack about “the chickens coming home to roost,” he responded that Jesus said: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” He insisted you “cannot do terrorism to other people and expect it never to come back on you.” He defended Louis Farrakhan and insisted he had told Obama if he got elected, the reverend would take him on because being president means one is now part of an oppressive government.

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright apparently has no place in his sermons for the Christ who urged turning the other cheek or who preached about peace and love. This latest travesty of religion by Wright merely indicates the man lacks any sense of concern for members of his own church, the only thing that is on his mind is getting his name in the newspapers, and, appearing before crowds of media leaders so he can twist his knife of hate into them and ensure the death of the Obama candidacy.

We await anxiously news of the book contract that will be signed by the Reverend Wright about his exploits on the road to hate and anger.