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Child Porn, Good For The Catholic Church?

Scarcely a day goes by these days without some story about this or that priest who was, or is, engaged in some form of child abuse. A new story from Denmark reveals a Catholic priest was convicted of downloading child porn, but Church authorities allowed him to continue in his position including teaching young children. The priest was convicted of paying for and downloading 38 movies involving minors, and sentenced to pay a fine as well as turning over his computer to authorities. Bishop Czeslaw Kozion, who is head of the Catholic Church in Denmark, did not inform the chair of the parish council where the priest worked why finally the man had been relieved of his duties in the church. The Rev. Niels Engelbrecht insists the entire matter fell under the rules of confidentiality,

This revelation comes shortly after two nuns publicly accused their Mother Superior of allowing an elderly senile nun to die of exposure in 1993. Mother Theresa Brenninkmejier locked the senile nujn outside in freezing conditions because she was disturbing the morning prayers. When it was discovered the nun was dead, the other nuns were forbidden to tell the story of what happened to the police.

Honesty is the best policy is not only a cliche, but sound advice to the Catholic Church.