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Abuse On Earth, Fires On Hell!

Monsignor Charles Scicluna, who has been dealing with cases of sexual abuse on the part of priests, lashed out at those who abuse their religious trust by engaging in actions that damage the lives of children. He warned such priests they face a horrible time in Hell and they will wish they had been killed on Earth rather than face the fires of eternity. He made clear a pedophile priest who exploited his office would receive tougher treatment in hell than any ordinary layman. “It would be really better fro him that his evil deeds cause him death” here on planet Earth. Those who assist such priests were also warned they will wind up in Hell and have a hot time dealing with its fires.

It is all well and good to warn about Hell, but the issue is that men who engage in sexual abuse of children are dealing with mental issues that require psychological assistance –here on Earth. Rather than warning about Hell, it would be helpful if the Catholic Church re-examined its celibacy policy and allowed its priests to enjoy a normal love relationship with a woman–or man. The solution lies not in Hell, but here on Earth.

The Tragedy Of Pope Benedict XV

Pope Benedict XVi is a decent man who has devoted his life to service of the Catholic Church. The issues he now confronts dealing with Paedophiles in the church derive from his efforts to place the Church before interests of its members. In 1980, then Carindal Joseph Ratzinger who was archbishop of Munich, was told about a priest who had molested children and was allowed to get therapy before being sent off to another place to molest more children. A memo has been found which indicates he approved of having the man continue as a priest. There are reports the Pope knew about a priest in America who molested over 200 deaf boys and did nothing to remove the man from his position.

The German Archdiocese now acknowledges mistakes were made in the past Pope Benedict can not undo the past, but he could make an effort to ensure molesting of children will not occur in the future. Perhaps, a first step is to rethink the thousand year old policy of celibacy and create a modern Catholic Church in which married priests and nuns can better serve its members.