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Stay Out Of Pakistan, PM Warns US!

Pakistan’s prime minister made clear to the United States, his nation would not tolerate any further incursions into its territory by units of the American armed forces. He strongly supported the recent statement by General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, head of Pakistan’s armed forces, who said unilateral actions by the Americans risked undermining efforts to deal with terrorism. “Falling for short-term gains while ignoring our long-term interest is not the right way forward,” he said on Wednesday. The Pakistan military leader was concerned Pakistanis would regard US attacks on their territory as a license to do as they wish. If the average Pakistani comes to believe its own army is incapable of defending their territory against foreign attack it fuels the desire to side with militants.

On one hand, the United States is upset at failure on the part of Pakistan to control insurgents who openly reside in their nation. On the other side, Pakistanis are furious at US air strikes which have killed dozens of civilians. Meanwhile, in the reality that is Pakistan, the bodies of two men were found who were among 25 police recruits kidnapped by insurgents. In the tribal region of Bajur, the bodies of three bullet ridden men were found who supposedly cooperated with government forces. On the bodies were a note: “this is the result of working against the Taliban and cooperating with the army instead of joining the jihad.”

New President Medvedev Stresses Law And Rights

Dimitry Medvedev was sworn in as president of Russia and in his inaugaraton speech promised to strengthen the rule of law and expand the number of Russians into the middle class. “I fully understand how much needs to be done to make the state genuinely fair and attentive to citizens and to guarantee the highest living standards, so as many people as possible can join the middle class, get a good education and quality health care service.” His legal training shown in his statement “we must achieve true respect for the law and overcome legal nihilism, which seriously interferes with development today.”

As expected, Medvedev appointed his predecessor, Vladmir Putin, to become prime minister of the nation. At this moment in time, both men exude friendship and cooperation, but future events may well witness them drifting apart. The first test will arise when both men disagree on an important point. It will be interesting to observe which of the two comes out on top when there is the first test of who has the power.

Medvedev Becomes President Of Russia-Or Does He?

Dimitry Medvedev assumed the postion of president of Russia which marks an historic development in the evolution of Russian government since the collapse of communism. Mnutes before the swearing in ceremony, Vladmir Putin had thanked the Russian people for their support and urged everyone to rally behind his protege, Medvedev. Interestingly, no foreign media were in attendance for the ceremony. In the coming days, Putin will be designated as both head of the United Russia political party and the new prime minister. For the first time in Russian history, a powerful president will be functioning alongside a powerful prime minister. The outcome of this unusual combination of egos and power is anyone’s guess.

Throughout his presidency, Putin surrounded himself with weak prime ministers but now is in the position of being a prime minister. Perhaps, the two men will work in a cooperative relationship, but, if history offers any clues, there are bound to be disagreements.

Eight years ago, the departing Yeltsin left Putin a pen with which he used to sign laws. As Putin left the presidency, he took the pen. Was there anything symbolic about that action?

Putin Hints At 2008 Surprise

President Putin addressing his political party, United Russia, at their congress, indicated he might be receptive to the idea of becoming prime minister after he steps down as president next year. “Heading the government is a realistic idea, but it is too early to think about this now.” He said before making such a decision he would have to know there was a president who is an “orderly, capable, and effective person.” Of course, last month he made an old friend, Zubkov, the prime minister, a man who fits the qualifications Putin is desiring in a president.

In other words, Putin wants a front man serving as president who will obey the ringmaster, Vladmir Putin. Putin will never achieve greatness because he lacks understand of his nation’s need for leaders who can step down from power and entrust others with that responsibility. Power dominates Putin’s mind and he will not surrender it, even if it means circumventing the Russian constitution.