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Iraq Civilians Died While In UK Custody!

At least eight Iraqi civilians died in the weeks following the invasion of Iraq in 2003 despite frequent warnings by legal advisors regarding the unlawful treatment accorded the individuals who were captive. Lt.Colonel Nicholas Mercer witnessed British soldiers intimidating detainees and hooding them while they were supposedly questioning them. According to Mercer, he had a heated argument with UK officers and warned them their behavior was in violation of the Geneva Conventions. He also walked out of a meeting between British officials and representatives of the International Red Cross after being told by a “political adviser” to “shut up.” Ironically, Mercer’s complaints were so frequent that his superior threatened to report him to the Law Society!!

Colonel Mercer argues much of the abuse could have been avoided if a judge had been appointed to supervise investigations, but Attorney General Goldsmith blocked any such action. There is scant doubt this decent man witnessed repeated abuse and reached a stage where he “felt I was banging my head against a brick wall.”

The question today is whether or not anyone will be punished for violating international law?In America, the answer is–NO!