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Horror Of Zimbabwe Revealed

The horror that Robert Mugabe has created in Zimbabwe has never been fully revealed to the world although those who suffer in its prisons know only too well what occurs behind prison doors. A documentary that will be filmed on South African television is based on secret filming done by officials and prisoners reveals emaciated inmates and it is estimated about 20 prisoners die daily in the nation’s 55 prisons. The SABC documentary entitled “Hell Hole” shows prisoners who are literally starved to death or succumb to illness that are rampant in the prisons. Many inside rely on food from relatives but with an unemployment rate of 80% and food running out, it is difficult to assist those behind bars.

If not for assistance from Western agencies even more would die in the prisons of Zimbabwe. In the tightly controlled world of Robert Mugabe critics remain silent and fear telling the truth to a man who believes he alone knows it. In the meantime, the innocent di in the prisons of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Leader Freed From Jail

Imagine the prime minister of a nation selecting a man to be his deputy minister of Agriculture and discovering this person was arrested at the airport and put in jail without any notification to you of what was happening. Imagine a judge wanted to free the man since his rights were violated but the president and police said no. Stop imagining, that is life in Zimbabwe. Finally, after nearly a month in jail, Roy Bennett, was freed from prison and allowed to assume his role as deputy minister of Agriculture at a time when farm production has collapsed due to the idiotic policies of President Robert Mugabe. Bennett told reporters of his time in jail. “There are gross human rights abuses behind those walls. People are suffering. They are having a single meal a day. Five people died while I was inside and it took prison officers four or five days to remove the bodies. Cells are over crowded. The situation behind those walls is pathetic.”

Innocent Gonere, an official of Prime Minister Tsvangirai’s party, the Movement for Democratic Change, put it bluntly by commenting: “The relief is that he is out of that hell of a place. Our prisons are hell on earth.” Nothing more to add to that description.

US Military Lawyer Prepares Blast At Guantanamo Prison Procedures

An American military lawyer who has been involved in numerous Guantanamo tribunals is prepared to openly express his disgust with the unconstitutional procedures occurring at the prison. The whistle blower, a major who is thoroughly familiar with the entire Guantanamo operation, described the detention of a hospital administrator from Sudan as “unconscionable.” The major says that in rare circumstances when it was decided that a detainee was no longer an enemy combatant, senior commanders ordered another panel in order to over rule the decision. He reports “acrimony” during a “heated conference” call from Admiral McGarragh, who reports to the Secretary of the US Navy, when a panel refused to describe several Uighur detainees as enemy combatants. Senior military commanders wanted to know how they could disagree with a previous designation that the Uighur were enemy combatants. The major told the admiral it was good for the system that people actually disagreed and received no response to his comment.

The Sudanese hospital admintstrator, Abdel Hamad,has been held for five years without any evidence that he participated in terrorist activities. His lawyers came across a sworn statement from a member of a military panel who said he was frightened of retaliation if he allowed his name to be used in the case. The major who is ready to speak out will have his chance on December 5 before the US Supreme Court when an attempt is made to shut down the prison. According to Michael Ratner, president of the Centre for Constitutional Rights, the Guantanamo prison, “It’s a kangaroo court system and completely corrupt. Stalin had show trials but at Guantanamo they are not even show trials because it all takes place in secret.” Such is the American system of justice under the Bush administration.