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US To Global Warming Conference-It’s Your Fault!

American representatives to a 162 nation conference dealing with global warming issues made clear the Bush administration did not forsee massive amounts of government money going into dealing with the issue of climate change. America’s chief negotiator made clear his government expected the private sector to play a central role in dealing with global warming. “There’s a lot of money out there and most of the action is going to be in the private sector.” He insisted the key element was directing the flow of money by offering incentives to financial bodies to invest in global warming. “It depends on what the customer wants and how to set up incentives” so the customer will seek to place his money in the climate change sector.

American negotiators placed blame for many global warming issues as stemming from failure of governments to do their job. They cited excessive bureaucracy, government corruption, instability, and poor legal and economic structures as major factors in hurting the ability of nations to develop plans dealing with climate chang.

It is always fascinating listening to the Bush mantra the world must trust the private sector to save it and problems are more due to government corruption in underdeveloped nations than emissions and pollution. It is never America’s fault, it is always someone else.