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Strong Man Of Italy Takes Control Like Old Days

In the 1920s, a pompous strutting man seized control over Italy to wide acclaim as he promised effficiency and order. Benito Mussolini is dead, butSilvio Berlusconi has strutted on the stage of power to promise efficiency and order once again for the people of Italy. After three weeks of talks with his pro-Fascist allies and anti-immigrant friends, Berlusconi has announced a new Cabinet that promises to get Italy back on the road to prosperity. In a surprising move, he has appointed four attractive women to important positions within the govenment, undoubtedly, a move to assure the nation not only brains, but beauty will be in charge. Among his appointees is Roberto Calderoli, a Muslim-baiting politicia who once wore a tee-shirt showing one of the Danish cartoons.

“I have five years to change the country,” declared Berlusconi and with his pro-Fascist allies and business leaders, he may well make changes. Of course, the issue is who benefits from the changes and who loses?