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Indonesian Hertic Jailed-What If They Are Wrong?

An Indonesian court has sentenced Ahmad Mushaddeq to a four year prison term for blaspheming the Islamic faith. Mushaddequ claims to be a prophet and has created the Al-Quiyadah Al-Islmiyah sect which has been subjected to continual attacks by those who regard its followers as heretics. The court ruled his claims to being another prophet was an act of hostility to the Muslim people of Indonesia. “His deeds have hurt the feelings of Muslims who make up the majority of this country’s population. Moreover, the defendant doesn’t seem sorry for his actions, as shown by his defense statement which cited his reasoning for establishing the sect. He was arguing, not repenting.”

Mushaddeq’s lawyer argued(better watch out for that word, arguing can get one into trouble in Indonesia) “The verdict is unconstitutional. The Constitution has guaranteed the freedom of religion. That should be between him and God. Does the judge thinkhe’s God?”

Mushaddeq believes he has been in communication with God who made him another prophet. I would assume every prophet in history was told by people of his time that he was an heretic. Shucks, what if he is the real thing and the rest of us are the heretics?