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Spies Come In From Under The Covers

The Russians are very clever people. They sent a dozen prostitutes to the United States with instructions to infiltrate the American government establishment and get some secret information. These under cover agents ostensibly were to spend time under the covers with American males and extract from them all sorts of “secrets.” From what we gather, they did seduce a “financier” and a “scientist” who supposedly had connections with atomic bomb developments. I am confused. The United States government has been working with Russia on strategies to get rid of atomic bombs, but the Russians are sending agents to uncover secrets about the bombs that will be destroyed! Wow, prostitutes got a financier into bed with them. Frankly, that is not very impressive, given that a governor of New York was consorting with prostitutes.

I guess the good news is a prostitute made out with a financier. I guess the bad news is she made out with a financier. These financiers have not been doing very well in the market. Exactly, what information did the prostitute get from her “financier?” Strikes me this is much ado about nothing except some prostitutes had bad sex.

Forget Wall Street, It’s The Prostitutes We Must Halt!

Republican Congressman Chris Smith is one of those conservatives who believes “the government” should keep its hands off our business community. OK, so Goldman Sachs and a few other such firms made some money, but it was done the all American way by ripping off our citizens. Mr. Smith is now in Washington, but his heart will always be concerned about the health and security of those who fight for this nation. He is particularly concerned, not about health care or financial issues, but about bars near military bases in South Korea. “I am greatly concerned that these bars may not be regulated as closely as necessary to ensure that women are not being abused.” Government regulation of business violates our Constitution, but government regulation of bars protects our nation.

I will never figure out the Republican Party or the Tea Party. They have a heart attack if anyone proposes supervising banks, but when it comes to protecting women in bars, they are all heart. Of course, we should protect women against being abused, but doesn’t that same right extend to Americans who are being abused by banks and lack of health care?


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “We Have To Change Our Name”
From Republican Party to Pandering to Wealthy Party.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post; “Prostitutes Prepare For Olympic Delegates”
This is on fifty year dash that has an upside finish.

South Africa, Argus; “Wanted Man Arrested”
How come they never arrest unwanted men?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Did Apes Descend From Us”
If I was an ape, I would be furious to learn they had any link to humans.

UK, The Independent: “Tate Axes Nude Brook Shields Picture”
You must admit they do allow that nude Venus de Milo to hang around.

USA, New York Daily News: “Bloomberg Got A Lot Of Gall”
When you have two billion, you can afford gall.

UK, Guardian: “Sex Abuse In Other Countries, Says Vatican”
Only the Vatican could make such a comment!

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Beauty Bites Beirut Kids”
In the heart or buttocks?

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Turkish Maps Redraw Iraq Borders”
I don’t mind redrawing border lines, just don’t cross them.

Mixed Up Sex World Of Sweden!

The government of Sweden has among the most interesting approaches to the issue of sex, b but, unfortunately it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between those seeking and those offering sex. In January, 1999, Sweden criminalized the purchase of sex, but allowed individuals the right to sell sex. In theory, this decision was part of an effort to crack down on the trafficking of women from other parts of the world who were brought to Sweden by gangs seeking to exploit the women. The town council of Malmo just announced it would distribute free condoms to customers of prostitutes in order to reduce the possibility of disease.

In the world of Sweden, it is against the law to purchase sex from a woman, but it is perfectly legal to use a condom when having sex that is against the law. If one is against prostitution, why not abolish it, or if prostitution is to be legal, wouldn’t it make sense to supervise the operation and protect the health of both customer and seller?

No Prostitutes In Hotels Demand Euro MPs

A group of 37 European MPs are furious that when entering hotels, they encounter prostitutes on the premises. They are demanding the European Parliament only make use of hotels which guarantee there are no prostitutes in any room. In particular, they want “the European Parliament(t0) only use hotels which issue a guarantee that they are not involved in the sex trade, and that all staff have written guidelines on the issue.” They are worried that some members of their staff might be enticed by prostitutes to do things one should not do.

It is difficult to ascertain if the MPs also want room checks to find out if any member of Parliament is sleeping with a woman who is not his wife or wife who is not sleeping with a man who is not her husband. Does one define “prostitute” to mean someone who takes cash up front or does it also include someone who accepts presents?