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China Fury Over Police Brutality!

A photo of a plainclothes policeman pulling a naked woman by the hair during a prostitution bust has created a furor all over the Internet. The photo was taken by local media and even the official newspaper, China Daily, printed the material. One online user noted, “police in the mainland grab a person’s hair in the process of law enforcement, and forcefully take naked photos by violent means.” Videos are now circulating online which depict the police busting down the door of an upscale massage parlor and demanding of a naked woman prostitute, “how many have you had tonight?”

This is simply one of several such examples of brutality on the part of Chinese police as well as threats to women who refuse to have sex with officials. A poll published by a news website affiliated with China’s Supreme People’s Procuratorate reveal that 57% of people believe “prostitutes also have basic human rights.”

End Prostitution– Criminalize Males?

Victor Malarek, who is one of Canada’s top investigative reporters argues that 90% of women in prostitution would prefer doing something else but are trapped by economic or social conditions. In many Third World countries there are limited occupational outlets for women so prostitution is something they can readily do and make money. Malarek believes most men use prostitutes to enhance their self ego and rarely think about the woman who is forced into giving her body to others. He argues the entire discussion concerning prostitution is biases. “Women carry health cards to show they are disease-free,” but why don’t men carry such cards? women are the ones who are victimized in health issues arising from prostitution.

Malarek calls for new legislation under which men who use prostitutes would be arrested while the women go free. He wants authorities to go after the “johns” of this world and cease pestering the women who do it out of economic necessity. It certainly makes sense to require a male to carry a card indicating his health is OK. Of course, if society created meaningful work for all who desired to work, fewer women would be in prostitution.

Sex In Sweden–Does It Make Sense?

Sweden is among the most progressive nations in the world, but its sex laws sometimes make one wonder as to who is in charge of the country. In January, 1999, the Swedish government decided that it was a criminal act to solicit someone for sex, but it was perfectly legal to offer sex for sale. In theory, the idea was to protect women who had been caught in human trafficking, but the reality is that prostitution goes on and on since it can be a mite difficult to ascertain exactly who initiated the sexual offer. To compound the madness, the Malmo council has announced it was distributing free condoms to men who engaged in sex with a protstitute.

Let’s see. It is illegal to offer money to a woman in order to have sex, but the Malmo council will provide free condoms to men engaged in an act that is criminal. OK, there is a bit of logic in this, but to a normal mind, it is difficult to ascertain.

Prostitutes In Denmark Up In Arms

Danish prostitutes are infuriated at websites set up by the Social Affairs Ministry which makes negative remarks concerning the ancient and noble profession they pursue. The government program seeks to discourage young people from purchasing sex but the Sexarbejdernes Interesse Organization insists the government campaign spreads malicious information that is not accurate. The prostitutes were particularly upset at website claims they suffer from “shell shock, lack of sex drive, low self-esteem and physical handicaps. In retaliation, the organization of prostitutes has placed on the Internet their own website which they argue offers a more balanced view of prostitution.

The battle of the sexes regarding prostitution goes back hundreds, if not, thousands of years. In olden times, it was one of the few occupations open to women. If the issue is does an occupation result in lack of sex drive, low self-esteem and physical handicaps, one can certainly cite several business organizations in which men and women both suffer from these maladies.

Lock Up Your Masseuse Clothing, Not The Parlor!

An East Java administration in Indonesia has come up with a rather interesting way of curbing prostitution. Normally, critics decry the existence of massage parlors and seek to close them down, but some innovatve Indonesian minds have come up with an interesting twist on issue of prostitution. They are seeking legislation which requires those working in a massage parlor to wear padlocks on their pants in order to prevent sexual intercourse with clients. The Jakarta Post considered the idea to be ludicrous because “if the aim of the policy is to prevent prostitution and promote tourism, then this surely is the wrong way to go about pursuing those goals.” The editor pointed out “prostitutiion is still here and thriving in places like Jakarta and Bali.”

Perhaps, male and female tourists upon arrival in Jakarta’s airport can be directed to a room where they will be out fitted with padlocks in a pre-emptive strike against massage parlor prostitution. One can only wonder if this could become a fashion rage for Indonesian women, if they don’t want sex with spouse, just put on the padlock and let the world know the campaign for chastity is in full swing.