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World Wide Protests Against Israel

During the past sixty years Israel and Palestinian leaders have run neck and neck in the race to attain the most inept leadership title. Cities around the world witnessed thousands of people demonstrating against Israel attacks in Gaza which have led to the death of over 900 including nearly three hundred children. From Madrid to Paris to London to Vienna to Istanbul to Jakarta to Tokyo, people marched in solidarity with those in Gaza who are dying under the fury of an Israeli botched, bungling operation that destroys Hamas facilities as it destroys the reputation of the Israel nation. People waved signs saying, “We are all Palestinians” to symbolize world wide anger at the murderous attack inflicted by the IDF on Gaza.

There is no doubt Israel had a right to employ military force in order to halt Hamas rocket attacks and there is no doubt Hamas deliberately placed weapons among civilians in order to draw Israel fire that would result in civilian deaths. But, Israel allowed itself to be placed in a situation in which excessive force was employed. Yes, Hamas placed mortars in schools, but, there are times when a nation must stand down rather than respond to provocation.

During the debate in 1962 within the Kennedy Cabinet over the Cuba Missile Crisis some generals urged President Kennedy to launch a surprise attack on Russian missile bases in Cuba. Attorney General Robert Kennedy angered the generals by responding for his brother that America stood for law and international procedures and would not sink to the level of the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. A nation must know when to stand down even if it means its own citizens may die. The Israel attack has given Hamas a world wide reputation for being the victim.