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Shades Of Stalin-Into The Psychiatric Ward!

During the dictatorial regime of Joseph Stalin a favorite tactic was to send opponents for a stay in the nearest psychiatric ward since, by definition, anyone who opposed the Communist party must be mentally ill. President Putin apparently hasn’t forgotten his training in the KGB because Roman Nikoiachik, a lawyer and member of the Other Russia opposition party, has been locked up in a psychatric hospital in the Tver region. A woman who answered the phone at Litvinov Psychiatric hospital No.1 in the Tve region town of Busharevo said he was in an isolation ward.

Nikolichik was questioned about his supposed involvement in a murder and when police ended the process, a convenient doctor became avaialble who delcared the activist obviously mentally ill. Prosecutors claimed they never talked to the man and had no knowledge of how he got into the hosptial. So far, it has not been possible to talk with his wife about the situation, but the imprisonment is not a good sign regarding the mental health of Russian leaders when they have to lock up people for daring to challenge Putin’s rule.