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Life In Putin Russia-Detentions In Hell

The Moscow Times has been fighting aganst the increasinging spread of Putinism within Russia, a modern form of disease known as “latent Stalinism.” It offered the story of Mikhail Trepashkin who was arrested in October, 2003 on charges of illegal firearm possession just days before he was to offer testimony regarding the alleged role of Russia’s Federal security Agency in the 1999 Moscow bombings. He was held in a detention center for over a year and kept away from contact with the outside world on grounds that he was ill and therefore might have some form of contagious disease. Trepashkin claims it has become normal in Putin Russia for those who oppose the regime or cast doubt on any of its agencies to be “detained for medical reasons” as a means of keeping them quiet.

The horror of Vladmir Putin is he had a wonderful opportunity to develop a modern Russian economy and move his nation forward towards democracy. Instead, he and his former KGB allies, are introducing the old Stalin ideas of locking up dissidents in psychiatric wards and keeping those who oppose in the cells of silence.