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A Drink Before Dying-Pub For The Elderly!

Tuture Kahkonen is sitting quietly sipping a beer while gazing at pictures on the wall of the pub. Just another normal afternoon in a pub? Not exactly. The pub is located in the Hopearanta service home for the elderly in the Finnish town of Savonlinna. The pub opened in April in a home for the elderly in which the average age is about 84. Marja-Liisa Broms, executive director of the home, got the idea while on a visit to Denmark. Although not all residents enjoy spending time in the pub, several find it a wonderful place for having a chat. Tauno Silvennoeinen says, “when guests come, I like to bring them here.”

The pub serves beer, wines and brandy and the only reason a person might be refused a shot is due to their medication which prevents access to alcohol. The pub remains open until 8:00 p.m. so there are no midnight drunks stumbling out nor is there any need for a “last order” from the house.

This is an excellent idea which other homes for the elderly might investigate.